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Diego Akel (Fortaleza, Brazil, 1983)

Majoring in Philosophy and Graphic Design, Diego Akel is an illustrator, cartoonist, painter, animator and filmmaker. He has began his experiments with animated film in 1998, and now has accumulated more than a dozen autoral short films produced, having participated in numerous festivals and received several awards. In much of his work he directs, produces, animates, edits and mixes sound. The techniques used are several, including drawing, painting, cutouts and more recently, digital painting. His recent short "Lines and Spirals" has won recognition at screenings around
the world, including the ANIMANIMA 09 from Serbia, HAFFTube 09 from Holland, the Brazil screening of World Animation Day 2009 and Anima Mundi 2010.

FABIO YAMAJI (São Paulo, 1974)
Born in São Paulo, graduated designer from Mackenzie University and studied animation at HGN Productions. Freelancer in the field of Cinema, works as a stop motion animator, filmmaker and editor. Fabio is also photographer of concerts for the portal Yahoo and Animation professor at the Istituto Europeo di Design and University Anhembi-Morumbi.

MARCELO MARÃO (Rio de Janeiro, 1971)
Marão graduated at the School of Fine Arts at Rio de Janeiro. He directed nine animated shorts, including “CEBOLAS SÃO AZUIS” (1996), “CHIFRE DE CAMALEÃO”
(2000), “ENGOLERVILHA” (2003), O ARROZ NUNCA ACABA (2005) and O ANÃO QUE VIROU GIGANTE (2008). Marão works with animation for TV and cinema. He was the first President of ABCA (Brazilian Animation Association) and teaches animation at PUC University.

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