quarta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2009

MUMIA in Tampere

Múmia - Underground Worldwide Animation Festival – Brazil or MUMIA – International Underground of Short Animation.

As it is widely known, in ancient Egypt, mummification was used to preserve the corpse of important personalities, such as priests and wise men, by using balsamic substances – a way of sanctifying death as well as life, since what has been preserved in the pyramids and sarcophaguses – mummies, papyruses, decorative objects – constitute a true interface with not only some people’s lives but with a whole civilization.

The Múmia, by analogy, aims at preserving and making public the international production of animated movies,through open shows and panels which present facts and knowledge in the area,often produced by anonymous artists who rarely get paid for their work.Many of the movies which reach us through various ways, from different states in Brazil as well as from different countries in the world, would remain embalmed on the shelves of inefficient festival curators were it not for the cooperative spirit of Múmia, which is open to everyone without restriction.

The festival aims at amplifying the imaginative spaces and the possibilities of new utterances, new feelings, as well as a new way of expressing oneself. It is also an impulse to cinematographic culture that believes the formation of new audiences, as well as filmmakers. Films and videos that were produced with no support are welcome, including those which caused loss for their producers and were fully carried out with low or no budget at all.

MUMIA is a non-competitive initiative by animation professionals supported by CRAV (Centro de Referência Audiovisual de Belo Horizonte), the Historical Museum Abílio Barreto, Integrated Schools of the City of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, ABCA, ABCA-MG, SESC/Laces/JK, Leite Filmes, Pimenta Filmes and Miguilim Cultural. In 2009, its 7th edition will happen in Brazil.

MUMIA has as its finality the propagation of audiovisual animation production and aims at contributing for the development of videography as a language system, with specific format and production method.
Moreover, it aims at providing the public with a significant share of the national and international video-graphic production, which remains excluded from commercial film circuit.

MUMIA aprreciates taking part on one of the biggest short-films festivals of the world that is Tampere. For that, it has been chosen the most expressives brazilian animations and whose films has been awarded, that demonstrates the good moment of brazilian audiovisual. All the films have been already screnning on the six editions in Brazil.


Sávio Leite – Coordinator.