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Born in 1979, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin studied at the Duperré Art school in Paris and published his first book for children "Simon without nights" in 2002 for which he won the Graphic Octogone price from the International Center of Litterature for Children. Nicolas Bianco-Levrin published 22 books and directed 13 animation films. He is now working on a new short : Merci mon chien, produced by Folimage studio.

Julie Rembauville was born in Paris in 1982. She studied litterature and audiovisuals at La Sorbonne University. In 2003, she published her first book for childern, Je ne me laisserai pas faire ! (I won’t let them do it !) working with the drawer Nicolas Bianco-Levrin. Then, they realized films and books, working on adaptation principe. The Machino received the award of the best DVD-book for children in 2006, given by the CIELJ (International Center of Litterature for Children). She’s now working on an animated serie project for TV, KROAK, written with Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and produced by Sacrebleu productions and on a short Thank you my dog produced by Folimage studio.


Le rocambolesque aventures de pépé Raoul - Nicolas Bianco-Levrin – 00:07:20 – 2009
The old Raoul plays the banjo with his donkey. Arriving at the entrance of a cavern, Raoul takes his camera. He’s going to film a big bear sleeping. But Raoul and the donkey are not careful enough and the awake bear gets very ungry.

Ben Hora - Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and Julie Rembauville – 00:04:01 – 2010
In this city where everything is built around the letter R, you speak and thonk in an R away. At school, a child learns with difficulty to write. His deletions create strange new sings.
Better Videoclip – International Film Festival Aubagne – France

Les temps de vivre - Nicolas Bianco-Levrin – 00:02:50 – 2010
As every morning, the snail leaves in search of food. Today, everything seems to be transformed in a gigantic adventure.

(R) - Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and Julie Rembauville – 00:12:34 – 2011
In this city where everything is built around the letter R, you speak and thonk in an R away. At school, a child learns with difficulty to write. His deletions create strange new sings.
Better script - International Film Festival Aubagne – France
Price for script – Beaumarchais/SACD – 2009.

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By Erick Ricco

This Sample is dedicated to girl´s works who was discovered on Youtube downloading links related it hallucinated me, I had the impression to discover something very important and still unknowing. Mina Anguelova was born in 1988 at Bulgária and moved to Portugal while her childhood. With degrees in painting by the College of Fine Arts from University of Lisboa, She paints, draws and have a big video animation production.

All she does is posted immediately on the two channels she has on Youtube. One of them she sign with her own name and add works that use many animation techniques, beyond documentary , fiction and video art. In the another one she lives Miss Little Cute Bitch, a kind of provocative between filmmakers of the net that go to 2d animations in answer to postages of others visitors. The time of her works varies, there is since some seconds to little more than ten minutes. Between all, a series called “Little Songs About My Diseases” is remarkable. In there your heteronym sings with irony the sickness it supposed to suffer, Psoriasis, Candida and the first cocoon of bulimia cannibal. In both facets, the images that Mina made are monstrous, virulent, snotnose and colored and delicate. The necessity of publish her videos is so big that they are spat in the internet, sometimes unfinished , and the teenager opinion remembers the knowing series of videos that Sadie started and did inside her room on the 90. The work´s precariousness breaks with all the cultured to high definition on today´s date. Hers hostile esculacho back against to a superficial world, consumerist, repressed and, why not, emocore. Mina has so much anger to belongs hers generation, she cries angrily , but even hers acidity creates calm moments, beauty and an ironic innocence. The church, of course, also is a recurrent subject is treated with the same irritation. All of this gives Mina Anguelova a metallic character, of heavy metal culture – something witch Belo Horizonte so carries about – profane and provocative, made by impulse , something alike the firsts videos of the big Carlos Magno Rodrigues.

Even being a hard task to classify such production, Mina is indispensable in one sample dedicated to underground, because the characteristic most outstanding of her works is the rebellion that moves them.

Interview made for the blog Penicilinamuita (www.penicilinamuita.tk)

I know you were born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and then went to Lisbon. Tell me a little about this migration.

I was born in Sofia in the same period of transition from communism to democracy. My mother is a painter, my father a violinist. This period in Bulgaria was of great poverty and wish or freedom after the dictatorship. My parents fled, like many of his generation. We migrated to Portugal when I was four years old - I remember very little of life in Bulgaria. One of the few memories is exactly be pissing on the floor between the legs of protesters supporters of democracy. I think that sums up my political consciousness or rather, unconsciousness. I never passed this level.

I maintain strong relations with Bulgaria every year I spend at least a month there. I fell my self extremely Bulgarian, perhaps even more for never having lived there. I get thrilled and vibrate like crazy with all the Balkan myth of the spirit in all its aspects, from the purest folk to the more piggish gypsy and the cheapest and caddish mixtures of the chalga. Bulgaria is my lost paradise, my lost identity, an ideal that never existed, but we fantasize.

In addition to having developed this tendency to worship the ancestor, the rip of my root also led me to the opposite extreme, to the loss of identity and almost total availability to rehabilitation in the other/new, whatever it is. I conform myself and easily love the strange.

His family is Catholic? Have you been baptized, etc.?

I was baptized as Orthodox Christian. I have nothing against it, as I said I love the Orthodox iconography. But this issue is complicated and has a lot to be said. First, orthodox Christianity was suppressed by communism for 50 years ... Off of political, financial, worldly, interests, blah, blah. All that survived was its essence, its best. Second - this Christianity keeps a lot of what is the very strong Bulgarian pagan spirit. Thus we speak of a Christianity quite different from the Pope one.

I am interested in religion and would like to know more than what I know. From Christian, I read St. Augustine and little more. Recently I have been leaning about Taoism. I do not know if there is God ... But often it seems that I see Him.

What you do today? Talk about work and study and when and how you started drawing, painting or doing videos.

I started drawing when I was born ... Or better before I was born, being that my mother already was painting... Or best yet painted before she was born, my grandfather carved and painted, and before him my great-grandfather... And as legend tells that great-grandfather of this great-grandfather was a Dutch sculptor. So I think I've been in the arts since the beginning of time. Drawing since I can remember ... And I always knew and said I would be a painter.
Video I started doing as soon as I got a camcorder ... I think at age 15. I play xylophone since I bought a xylophone, flute since I have a flute, etc. I express myself with what I have. I do it spontaneously, on my own initiative and without any purpose than to kill the boredom. For a while I studied art and thought I would live by art, but to make art a work was to make the boredom killer a boredom. So now I got back to work in order to make art again.

I wanted you to describe the tools you use to do your works.

The tools for music: instruments, very cheap mp3 audio recorder. The editing I do in Audacity. For video: SX200IS Canon digital photo camera, or Sony DCR-HC23 camera. I edit in Windows Movie Maker. For animations I use the Windows Paint, Photoshop and Movie Maker.

You quote in your work and social networks: Harmony Korine, Lourenço Mutarelli, David Lynch, Daniel Johnston ... Name a few artists that influence you.

Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, Jean Fouquet - all Gothic, the whole medieval illumination, the orthodox iconography ... I must confess that my great loves are in the past, fascinates and inspires me a lot more the Aztecs pictures, Japanese prints, African sculptures, masks of Bulgarian or Portuguese folklore than any contemporary artist. Anyway, from the twentieth century I can name Otto Dix, Glen Brown ... But more than these, from the art of the present time, cinema interests me, it is difficult to choose favorites, but occur to me at the moment Takashi Miike, Lars Von Trier, Kubrick, Terry Gilliam, Vincent Gallo and Herzog.

In misslittlecutebich YouTube channel, your heteronym, makes several videos in response to Jamie’s¬ (youtube.com/jayvlog89) postings. Why is misslittlecutebitch obsessed with Jamie? Does she live a platonic passion for him?

Lol ... Jamie is pretty cool. Why is she obsessed with him? She's crazy and uncontrolled, do not hesitate to throw herself head for every man, food, hobby that will kill the boredom. All in her is consumed in a very strong and very fast combustion. Everything is so fast that it is hard to say why. She never thinks, only feels. I guess she likes him because he's handsome and popular. For sure it’s a platonic love, since it is herself to be a platonic being. A suppressed alter ego, one among many. I’m a seven-headed dragon (Bulgarian mythological creature) in a head only. Imagine the frustration!

What do you think of coats made of animal skins?

Look, I have a leather jacket. I have boots and leather shoes. I eat meat, I eat fish. Although, last summer I helped my grandmother to kill a goat for my brother’s birthday party. I think it's normal that we use animals to eat and clothe ourselves. I do not think it’s normal to happen in a totally alienated and impersonal way. To kill a goat or a chicken is common in the village of my grandparents, but when you kill the animal, you kill a friend who you cared and sawn growing, a part of you ... Confront yourself to your own death. The animal and its meat are something precious, respected, loved and spared.

Obviously this is all lie in the city, and I live 11 months of my year cloistered in the city, a metropolis’s microscopic pin. Nothing passes me through the hands, I live in total ignorance of everything that surrounds me and I just focus on my specialization. I try to keep me minimally informed about what I consume not to be an accomplice in barbarity, but for sure I do a lot of shit without realizing it.

religious ms paint mess - 2:28

the beginning of a dream i had - 1:12

Ciberarte 2 - Mina Anguelova - 0:59

Apocalypse - 1:33

Clavicordio (Caos) - 0:48

blue wolf raping blond - 0:18

Cabra - 0:26

A little song about my diseases - Part 1 - Psoriasis - 1:29

‪A little song about my diseases - Part 2 - Candida Albicans‬ - 3:24

Little songs about my diseases - Part 3 - Cannibalistic Bulimia - 5:51

misslittlecutebitch hollidays hometown bulgaria - dreaming with Azis and Jamie and killing a goat - 12:06

Jamie and Cigarettes Obsession - 4:09

GAY vs GOD - 1:08

Punched In The Face - 2:02

lephant man with mustard and ketchup - 0:29

RE:Opinion or Murder? This is the jungle, and you are living in it. - 1:40

RE: Onisions' Marriage - YOU DONT SHARE TOILET?! - 1:24


Emo love song to Charlie - 1:33


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The College of Communication and Contemporary Art of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito is pleased to present a compilation of animated short films produced by students enrolled in bachelor's degree in Digital Animation, between the years 2003 and 2009.

The animated cinema in Ecuador is very young but has a few representatives eager to produce their films and show to the sister nations of Latin America and to the world that creativity, talent and love for animation are present here too.

We are proud to take part in the 9 MUMIA and we expect our students to be good representatives of Ecuador’s and USFQ’s animation.

Gustavo Idrovo
Coordinator of Digital Animation
College of Communication and Contemporary Art.


Error - ANDRES ONTANEDA- 00:01:30 - 2008
A sequence error destroys the continuity of an odd perfect world.

How the curiquingue came to be - Felipe Cevallos - 00:03:00 - 2008
Fictional tale of Ecuadorian mountains, which presents the birth of one of the emblematic birds of the ridge of Ecuador. It is the story of a shepherd boy who finds himself transformed into Curiquingue and the reaction of his parents, who punish him because he always comes home with tattered clothes.

Marañas) / Tangled - Daniela Toscano - 00:02:30 - 2006
A girl goes through her greatest fears: dizziness, early pregnancy, claustrophobia ...
Perrorista / Dogerrorist - Fernando Rodriguez, Santiago Soto - 00:01:48 - 2003
A dog, tired of the abuses of his master, decides to enter his store in daylight, armed to the teeth, but he does not realize that his plan will be affected by fate.

Pentagram - Alberto Oleas - 00:03:00 - 2009
"Pentagram" is the beginning of a struggle to get two magical amulets that give incredible powers, but at the same time, can corrupt the

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Bhopal (Hadrien Bertuit) was born in 1981 in Auvergne, France.
During his childhood and adolescence, he invents and draws comics trips. He starts making videos in 2008, and quickly directs his first animated films, using painting. He also makes the soundtracks and sound effects of his films.

His other passion, in addition to drawing, is Hip Hop. He’s been rapping since 2005, and he’s known as HB12. In the real world, he works as an art-therapist in institutions for disabled adults. He currently lives and works in Metz, France.


NAKED FACTORY, France, 2009, 3'30.
Visit of chimera factory, where Work and Alienation are the muses of Satan. AntéChristTotal.

GROZNY'S FLAVOURS, France, 2009, 3'30
Example of self-made business in war zone. Follow the adventures of the little ice-cream man.

The hero plants an eye. A dream grows. Sleep is troubled but doesn't last long. Soon he will have to plant his other eye.

UNDER PLEASURE, France, 2010, 1'30
Just a moment of abandon. Taken by pleasure...

YOU WON'T HAVE THE WALLS, France, 2010, 4'30
Where it is question of taming the walls with belts.

DAS BUNCH, France, 2’10”

ABSURD, France, 4’


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Ayar Blasco is the creator of Mercano el Marciano with Juan Antin, an animated series of Much Music. He also created stories for Comics underground fanzines such as Catzole, Ocean and Charquito.

Author of the comics “The naughty child”, that originated “The naughties", produced by the same production house of the movie "Mercano el Marciano", selected in the Berlin Film Festival and winner of the Audience Award in the Festival of Sitges (Spain) and the Special Jury Prize in the Festival of Annecy (France).

After that, he made another film, "El Sol", in Adobe Flash, which will be released commercially this year and has already started its exhibitions in international festivals such as: Rotterdam Film Festival (Netherlands), Bafici - Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and festivals in Poland, Italy, Korea, Denmark, Havana (Cuba) and others. (More informations: www.peliculaelsol.com.ar).

Currently making animation films of dark humor and absurdity in www.chimiboga.com, he writes reviews of cartoons in the blog of the Fierro magazine, where he also publishes his stories.


La apresentacion en estilo mantra monge / The presentation style mantra monk.
- Coelho BGS / Bugs Bunny
- Las ensenanzas de Juan Perez / The teachings of John Perez
- Banco (perro) / Bank [dog]
- CNN (presidente dos EUA/arabes/ataques) / CNN (U.S. President / Arab / attacks)
- La fabula del raton y do pescadito / The fable of the mouse and fish /
- La fabula del raton y do pescadito 2 / The fable of the mouse and fish - Part 2
- El pescadito denle al ratoncito nomas / The goldfish Denle the mouse Nomas
- Cuents / Shootings
- Ya vayanse todos a sus casa / They all go to their homes
- Santa Claus
- El perrito chiquito / The puppy
- Exposiçao de arte / Art Exhibition
- Terapia Del grupo Del Dr Buckay / Group therapy of Dr. Buckay
- El planeta terrible / The terrible planet
- Fumar droga em los parques/ Smoking drug in parks

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SITA SINGS THE BLUES – NINA PALEY – 82’- USA – 2008 – 35mm

Sita is a Hindu goddess, the leading lady of India’s epic the Ramayana and a dutiful wife who follows her husband Rama on a 14 year exile to a forest, only to be kidnapped by an evil king from Sri Lanka. Despite remaining faithful to her husband, Sita is put through many tests. Nina (the filmmaker Nina Paley herself) is an artist who finds parallels in Sita’s life when her husband – in India on a work project - decides to break up their marriage and dump her via email. Three hilarious Indonesian shadow puppets with Indian accents – linking the popularity of the Ramayana from India all the way to the Far East - narrate both the ancient tragedy and modern comedy in this beautifully animated interpretation of the epic.

In her first feature length film, Paley juxtaposes multiple narrative and visual styles to create a highly entertaining yet moving vision of the Ramayana. Musical numbers choreographed to the 1920's jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw feature a cast of hundreds: flying monkeys, evil monsters, gods, goddesses, warriors, sages, and winged eyeballs. A tale of truth, justice and a woman’s cry for equal treatment. Sita Sings the Blues earns its tagline as "The Greatest Break-Up Story Ever Told."

Berlinale, Feb ‘08 (Special Mention, Gen-14+), Germany; Annecy, June ‘08 (Cristal for best feature film), France; Avignon, June ‘08 (“Prix Tournage” for Best American Feature Film), France; Athens Int’l Film Festival, Sept ‘08 (Best Script Award), Greece; Ottawa International Animation Festival, Sept ‘08 (Honorable Mention for Best Animated Feature), Canada; Montreal's Festival du nouveau cinéma, Oct ‘08 (Grand Prix Z Télé, Grand Prize chosen by the public), Canada; Expotoons, Oct ‘08 ("First Mention" [runner-up], Feature Films), Buenos Aires, Argentina; Leeds International Film Festival, Nov ‘08 (Golden Owl Competition - Special Mention), UK; Asheville Film Festival, Nov ‘08 (Runner-up, Best Feature, Fiction), NC, USA; Starz Denver Film Festival, Nov ‘08 (Fox 31 Emerging Filmmaker Award), CO, USA; Gotham Independent Film Awards, Dec ‘08 (Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You), NYC, NY, USA; Les Nuits Magiques, Dec ‘08 (Audience Award for Best Feature Film), Begles, France, 2008; Santa Fe Film Festival, Dec ‘08 (Best Animation), NM, US Boulder International Film Festival, Feb ‘09 (Best Animated Film), CO, USA; Film Independent’s Spirit Awards, Feb ‘09 (Nominee, Acura Someone to Watch Award), Los Angeles, CA, USA; Fargo Film Festival, March ’09 (Ruth Landfield Award; and Honorable Mention, Best Animation), ND, USA; Festival MONSTRA, March ’09 (Jury’s Special Prize), Lisbon, Portugal; Cairo International Film Festival for Children, March ’09 (Jury’s Special Mention), Cairo, Egypt; Tiburon International Film Festival, March ’09 (Best Animation), Tiburon, CA, USA; Big Cartoon Festival, March ’09 (Grand Prix Sirin), Krasnoyarsk, Russia; ANIMABASAURI5-ANIMABASQUE, March ’09, (Jury Special Award), Bilbao, Spain; Akron Film Festival, April ’09 (Best Feature Film), Akron, OH, USA; Philadelphia CineFest, April ’09 (Archie Award for Best First Time Director), Philadelphia, PA, USA; Salem Film Festival, April ’09 (Grand Jury Award), Salem, OR, USA; Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, April ’09 (Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature), Los Angeles CA, USA; Talking Pictures Festival, May ’09 (Best Animated Film), Evanston, IL, USA; Silk Screen Film Festival, May ’09 (People’s Choice Award), Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Connecticut Film Festival, June ’09 (Best Animated Film), Danbury, CT, USA; Festival Internacional de Cine DerHumALC, June ’09 (Signis Award, Best Film of the Official Competition), Buenos Aires, Argentina; Indianapolis International Film Festival, July ’09 (American Spectrum Feature Award for best feature film), Indianapolis, IN, USA; Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF), July ’09 (Jury Special Prize, Feature Films Category), Seoul, Korea; Akron Film Festival, July ‘09 (Best Feature Film), Akron, OH, USA; Hardacre Film and Cinema Festival, August ’09 (Best Narrative Feature), Tipton, IA, USA; International Film Festival NUEVA MIRADA for Youth and Children, Sept ‘09 (Best Animated Film for Youth), Buenos Aires, Argentina; SoDak Animation Festival, October ’09 (Golden Cowbell Award, Best Feature Animation), Brookings, SD, USA.

Nina Paley (b. May 3, 1968, Champaign IL, USA) is a longtime veteran of syndicated comic strips, creating "Fluff" (Universal Press Syndicate), "The Hots" (King Features), and her own alternative weekly "Nina's Adventures." In 1998 she began making independent animated festival films, including the controversial yet popular environmental short, "The Stork." In 2002 Nina followed her then-husband to Trivandrum, India, where she read her first Ramayana. This inspired her first feature, Sita Sings the Blues, which she animated and produced single-handedly over the course of 5 years on a home computer. Nina teaches at Parsons School of Design in Manhattan and is a 2006 Guggenheim Fellow.

Sita Sings the Blues 2007 - 2D digital animation. Color.
The Stork 2002- 2D digital animation. 3’ - Color. Video.
The Wit & Wisdom of Cancer 2002 - 2D digital animation. 4’50”. Color. Dialog. Video. Fertco 2002- 2D digital animation. 3’. Color. Video. Goddess of Fertility 2002 - 2D digital animation. 2’. Clay animated on glass. Color. 35mm. Lexi 2002 - 2D digital rotoscope animation and video. 2’50”. Color. Video. Fetch! 2001 - 2D digital animation. 4’50”- minutes. Color. 35mm. Pandorama 2000- Drawing directly on film. 3’. Color. 15perf/70mm (“IMAX”); 35mm printdown for festival exhibition. I (heart) My Cat 1998 - Clay animation. 3’. Color. 16mm. Luv Is..... 1998 - Clay animation. 3.’ 50”. Color. Beta SP / Super-8.
Cancer 1998 - Drawing directly on film. 2’. Color. 35mm.

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Danny Boy - Marek Skrobecki - 00:10:00 - Savosa / Switzerland - 2010
Para engolir um sapo - To Swallow a Toad - Jurgis Krasons - 00:10:00 - Riga / Latvia - 2010
Passageiro - Pasajero - Oscar Orjuela - 00:10:38 - Bogotá / Colombia - 2008
BEABAOC – Arteleku – 00:05:00 – San Sebastián – Espanha – 2008
Parede - Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet – 00:08:00 – França – 2009
O homem da cabeça de papelão - Luís da Matta Almeida e Pedro Lino – 00:09:13 – Portugal – 2010
Meu caminho - Moj Put – My Way – Veljko Popovic – 00:06:40 – Croatia – 2010
Total: 59 min.

Teclópolis – Javier Mrad – 00:12:10 – Argentina – 2010
Nightwood – Levin Peter, Florian Greth and Silke Finger – 00:10:10 – Alemanha – 2011
Por um pouco de neve - For a Fistful of Snow - Julien Ezri – 00:06:00- Lausanne (Switzerland) - 2009
Murphy's Shorts - Todd Hemker – 00:02:17 – Los Angeles / USA - 2009
20 anos - 20 Años - Barbaro Joel Ortiz – 00:14:42 – Cuba - 2009
Carne de minha carne - Carne de mi carne - Patricia Asenjo y Patricia Gil – 00:08:25 - Madrid – Spain – 2009
A única vez - Nuno Amorim – 00:05:40 - Portugal - 2010
Total: 59 min.

A canção do Pirata - La canción del Pirata - Raúl Cornejo, Patricia Guisado, Antonio Isardo, Pablo Molina, Lohengrín Navarro, Manuel Nieves, Jesús Quesada, Alejandro Viera – 00: 08: 25 - Madrid – Spain – 2009
Ritual - Zbigniew Czapla – 00:05:30 - Cracow – Poland - 2010
Flip - Peter W. Allen- 00:02:22 - Cranbourne, VIC - Australia - 2009
Camping Cezanne - Thomas Steiner – 00:08:30 - AIXE en PROVANCE – Linz – Austria - 2009
O pequeno ajudante de papai - Daddy’s Little Helper – Cecilia Lundqvist – 00:06:18 – Nacka/Sweden – 2010
Ego – Leevi Lehtinen – 00:10:12 – Tilburg / The Netherlands – 2011
O fugitivo - The runaway - Mélanie Gohin – 00:03:25 - Fosses /France - 2009
Mecanismo do esquecimento - Mecanismo Olvidador – Juan Camilo Gonzalés – 00:02:19 – Los Angeles / USA – 2009
E se... - Sandra Santos – 00:07:00 - Portugal - 2010
Vá dormir - Go to Sleep - Luis Carlos Uribe – 00:02:30 – Colombia – 2009
Vida encantada - Enchated Life – Peter Bunzl – 00:02:40 – London - UK - 2009

Total: 59 min.

As Gêmeas da Rua Sunset - Les bessones del carrer de ponent - Marc Riba & Anna Solanas- 13' - Spain /Barcelona - 2010
Trilhas de ódio - Paths of Hate – Damian Nenols – 00:10:00 – Poland – 2010
Cavalo Negro - Musta Hevonen - Black Horse – Malakias – 00:07:00 – Finland – 2010
Boas Notícias - Goed Nieuws (Good News - Boas Notícias) - Kris Mergan, Geert Vandenbroele – 00:28:42 – Tervuren/ Belgium – 2010
Alimação - Alimation – Alexandre Dubosc – 00:02:48 – France – 2011

Total: 61 min.

Blues Obeso - Obese Blues – Jean-Marc Duperrex – 00:06:12 – Geneva / Switzerland – 2010
Yulia – Antoine Arditti – 00:06:00 – France – 2009
Sáiva – Tuva Synnevag – 00:08;50 – Norway – 2009
Visão - View – Grace-Nayoon Rhee – 00:05:35 – Valencia / USA – 2009
Desde Ti, Sonho - Carlos Sosa and Camila Dilli – 00:01:00 - Quito, Pichincha – Ecuador - 2009
Por que você tem uma barba? - Why Do You Have a Beard? – Ocusonic – 00:06:00 – Dublin, Ireland - 2010
Verão em Helsinki - Summer in Helsinki – Maria Bjorklund – 00:08:13 – Helsinki, Finland – 2011
R-XYZ - Joana Toste – 00:04:00 – Portugal – 2010
Maquiagem - Fard – Luis Briceno and David Alapont – 00:13:00 – France – 2009

Total: 59 min.
Klub Makan Malam - Ignatius Loyola Aryo Hananto - 00: 01: 11 - Yogyakarta, Indonesia - 2010
O Gato na caixa - Gato Encerrado- Cat in a Box – Peque Varella – 00:12:00 – Buenos Aires – Argentina – 2010
Carne ou Morra - Yans!Gans! – Meat or Die – Tai Murayama – 00:02:00 – Japan – 2010
Pica – Irene Fuga & Rafael Sommerhalder – 00:04:28 – London – UK - 2009
Deserto - Desierto – Desert – Christian Rivera – 00:15:30 – México – 2010
O mundo dos homens - Man's World - Tom Gran – 00:06:00 - Bristol, UK - 2010
The Tongueling- Elli Vuorinen – 00:04:15 - Turku – FINLAND - 2010
Pai e Filha - Father and Sister - Soyeon Kim – 00:05:00 – Los Angeles – USA - 2010
Uma viagem em cobra - Un Viaje en Cobra - Carlos Sosa – 00:00:52 - Quito, Ecuador – 2008
Afonso Henriques, o primeiro rei - Pedro Lino – 00:05:00 - Portugal, U.K. -2010
Vive la crise! – Alexei Gubenco – 00:03:10 – Bucharest / Romania – 2009
Total: 59 min.

Planeta Z - Planet Z – Monoko Seto – 00:09:30 – França – 2011
Salve os rinocerontes - Pelastakaa sarvikuonot - Save the rhinoceros – Malakias – 00:06:00 – Finland – 2011
Desassossego - Lorenzo Degl’Innocenti – 00:20:00 - Portugal, Spain - 2010
Ema & Gui - Nuno Beato – 00:07:00 – Portugal – 2010
Viagem a Cabo Verde - José Miguel Ribeiro – 00:17:00 – Portugal – 2010
Total: 59 min.

Isca - Bait – Malakias – 00:04:00 – Finland – 2007
Dodu - O rapaz de cartão - José Miguel Ribeiro – 00:05:00 - Portugal - 2010
Os olhos do farol - Pedro Serrazina – 00:15:00 - Portugal, Netherlands - 2010
Vacas - Isabel Aboim Inglez – 00:09:35 – Portugal 2010
Estômago - The Bellies – Stomaci – Philippe Grammaticopoulos – 00:16:40 – France – 2009
Cravos – Dark Johann Foterek – 00:08:15 – Berlin – Germany – 2011

Total: 59 min.

Ritmo - Marcos Andavert- 00:02:20 - Madrid - Spain - 2009
Memória de cão - João Morais Ribeiro – 00:15:24 – Portugal - 2010
Braçadeiras - Brazaletes - Cristóbal Sobera y Néstor Pérez – 00:06:00 – Chile - 2010
Em Agosto - En Agosto – Andres Barrientos - Carlos Andrés Reyes - 00: 15:00 - Colombia 2009

Abstrato? - Abstract? – Alexei Dimitriev – 00:03:30 – Saint Petersburg – Russia – 2009

Alongamento - Stretching - François Vogel – 00:04:30 - New-York - Vincennes – France - 2009

Queimada brilhante - Burning bright – Mei-Yu Chen – 00:06:26 – Taipei – Taiwan – 2010

Mulyakarya Yogyakarta - Ignatius Loyola Aryo Hananto - 00: 01: 32 - Yogyakarta – Indonesia – 2011

Millhaven - Bartek Kulas – 00:07:00 - Kraków / Poland - 2010

Total : 62 min.

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9th MUMIA - World Underground Animation Show - Call for entries closed

Call for entries are now closed. All selected films for regional, Brazilian and international competitive exhibitions will be announced by late June 2011.

This year, a special MUMIA screening, curated by its director, Savio Leite, will take place at the 3˚ ReAnimania - International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan (Armenia), from 14 to 19 of September, with the support of the Brazilian Embassy in Yerevan.

For this reason, the 9˚ MUMIA will be held in Belo Horizonte, Betim and surroundings from 05 to 31 of October.

Special screenings from Ecuador, Argentina - Ayar Blasco, and France - Bertruit Hadrien, Nicolas Bianco-levrin Rembauville and Julie will happen at this edition of MUMIA, while the opening film is Follow sings the Blues by Nina Paley.

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BELO HORIZONTE - BETIM - 07 to 30 September

Exhibition places: Humberto Mauro Cinema – Palace of Arts, Belo Horizonte
Cultural Center, Casa do Baile (House of Ball), Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Cineclub, Uma Tela no Meu Bairro Cineclub, Sabotage Cineclub, C.A.S.A (Compania Artistica Suspesa Armatrux) , Betim’s City Hall Auditorium).


MOTTO: "Cinema is what can not be described.” - Rene Clair, Le Théâtre et
la Comœdia illustré.


MUMIA aims to broaden the spaces of imagination and possibilities of a new
speech on art, of a new way of sensing the world and also a new way of
expression, amid giving support to the brazilian cinematography culture by
creating room to the emerging of new audiences, producers and directors.

Films and vídeos produced without any kind of support, no money at all or
even those which caused loss to its producers and other ones made with very
low budgets are very well accepted too.


MUMIA, a competitive festival, is a iniciative of brazilian animators in
cooperation with Betim City Hall, Belo Horizonte City Hall, CRAV (Belo
Horizonte’s Audiovisual Reference Center), Abílio Barreto Historical Museum,
Integrated Schools from the Educational Net of Belo Horizonte, ABCA, ABCA-
MG, SESC/Laces/JK, Leite Films, Pimenta Films, Sinpro Minas and IT Films,
Comunication and Entertainment.


The purpose of MUMIA is to promote the cultural production of animation films
and videos, contributing to its development as an artistic language, specific
format and production method. The Festival also aims to offer the local
audience the access to the national and international animation production

beyond what is currently available through commercial outlets, traditional
production houses or film institutions.


Chapter I


MUMIA – Underground World Animation Festival – is focused in promoting
recent animation short films, incentivating inovation and creativity.

Chapter II:


2.1 - The Festival is opened to national and international animation films of

any format and any lenght, completed after 2000, on DVD (NTSC), regardless

of the original format. international productions should include credits and

complete dialogue list.

Each director can submit more than one film or video, but must submit each of
them with separate entry forms, although the films or videos should be sent all
together in the same DVD.

Videos made in different worlds will be very well accepted too.

2.2 - Registration forms, DVDs and all the adicional information must be sent

by May 31st 2011 (postmark) to the Festival adress:


Av Alvares Cabral, 560


Belo Horizonte - MG



Tel: +55 31 3277 - 4699

Photos must be sent by mail to leitefilmes@gmail.com

Chapter III


3.1 - There will not be selection of the films and videos submitted. As long

as twelve hours of the Festival programming is completed, the selection will be


3.2 - Selected films and the programming will be available from August 23,

2011 in: http://www.mostramumia.blogspot.com/

Chapter IV:

General Information

4.1 – Preview tapes will not be returned and will be part of the Festival’s
archive and maybe screened on special cultural programmes in Brasil or
other countries that invites MUMIA, including television, without commercial
purposes under the director’s authorization.

4.2 - If your work is accepted into the festival, you agree to allow MUMIA to
use the film (including images, photos, sound and clips – maximum of 30”)
within our promotions and screenings.

4.3 – MUMIA’s is also allowed to use pictures, photos and graphic and

publicity materials of the films to promote them in every media supports.

4.4 – Registration will be confirmed by mail after the arrival of all required
materials and information.

4.5 - The entry of a film or a video implies acceptance of the terms of these


4.6 - Other issues will be decided by the MUMIA’s organization committee.






Shooting location:




ZIP code:

City / State:


Telephone / fax:



Awards (if any):

Original film format:

Parental rating:

Do you agree in participating of MUMIA’s showcases in brazilian cities and
other countries?



Tradution: Claudia Nunes

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9 MUMIA - llamada para inscripciones


(UDIGRUDI es la jerga brasileña para UNDERGROUND)

BELO HORIZONTE Y BETIM (MINAS GERAIS)- 07 al 30 septiembre de 2011

Local de exhibición: Cine Humberto Mauro – Palácio das Artes, Centro de Cultura Belo Horizonte, Casa do Baile, Cineclube Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Cineclube Uma Tela no Meu Bairro, Cineclube Sabotage – Auditório de la Municipalidad de Betim


LEMA: "El cine es lo que no se puede contar - René Clair, Le théatre et la comoedia illustré.


El objetivo es aumentar las oportunidades para la imaginación y las posibilidades de decir el nuevo, de sentir una nueva sensación, y un nuevo modo de expresión como también un estímulo a la cultura cinematográfica brasileña, mirando el proyecto como un nuevo espacio de formación para nuevos espectadores y cineastas. Serán acogidos películas y videos realizados sin apoyo, sin incentivos, realizados con bajo o ningún costo y las que representaron perjuicio a sus realizadores.

El MUMIA - Muestra Udigrudi Mundial de Animación - es una iniciativa de profesionales de la animación de carácter competitivo que recibe apoyos de: la Municipalidad de Betim, Ayuntamiento de Belo Horizonte, CRAV- Centro de Referencia Audiovisual de Belo Horizonte, Museo Histórico Abilio Barreto, ABCA, ABCA-MG, SESC/ Laces/JK, Leite Filmes, Sinpro Minas, Pimenta Filmes e IT Filmes, Comunicação e Entretenimento.


El MUMIA - Muestra Udigrudi Mundial de Animación tiene como objetivo promover la producción audiovisual de animación de carácter cultural y busca contribuir al desarrollo videográfico cuanto a el lenguage, a el formato y a la forma específica de su producción. Además, busca proporcionar el acceso del público a una porción significativa de la producción nacional e internacional que no pertenece a grandes productoras y que termina por quedarse al margen del circuito comercial.



El MUMIA - Muestra Udigrudi Mundial de Animación tiene como objetivo fomentar nuevas producciones audiovisuales de cortometrajes de animación, por su innovación y creatividad.


2.1 - La Muestra está abierta a las producciones nacionales e internacionales, para animaciones de cualquier formato realizadas desde 2000 y que sean entregues en formato NTSC DVD, independientemente de su formato original. Para las producciones extranjeras se exige el listado de créditos y diálogos. Cada participante, de forma individual, puede registrarse con la cantidad de títulos que desee, desde que puedan ser enviados en un solo disco de DVD. También serán aceptados videos realizados en otros mundos distintos.

2.2 - Los formularios de inscripción, así como las copias en DVD de los videos deben ser envíados al más tardar el 31 de mayo de 2011, junto con el material de publicidad a la dirección:

Av. Alvares Cabral, 560
Belo Horizonte - MG
CP 30170-000
Tel: +55 (31) 3277 – 4699

Las fotos para difusión deben ser enviadas al correo electrónico: leitefilmes@gmail.com


3.1 - No habrá selección de películas y videos incluidos en el programa. Se respetará el número de producciones que rellene cuatro horas de programación.

3.2 – Los videos seleccionados y la programación estarán disponibles del 23 de junio de 2011 en: http://www.mostramumia.blogspot.com/ y www.mumiainternational.blogspot.com


4.1 - Todas las copias enviadas a Mumia - Muestra Udigrudi Mundial de Animación, se convertiran en parte del acervo de la muestra y será permitido su uso solamente con fines culturales en otros muestras en Brasil y en el extranjero y programas de televisión sin fines comerciales, siempre autorizado por sus directores.

4.2 - La organización reserva a MUMIA el derecho de utilizar escenas (hasta 30") de películas que fueron inscritas en los programas o productos que tengan como objetivo su promoción.

4.3 - La organización de Mumia - Muestra Udigrudi Mundial de Animación puede utilizar imágenes, fotos y materiales gráficos de los videos, para divulgar el mismo en todos los medios de comunicación.

4.4 - Las inscripciones serán confirmadas por correo electrónico tras la recepción de todos los datos solicitados.

4.5 – Al rellenar el formulario de inscripción, el participante estará en acuerdo con todos los puntos de ese presente reglamento.

4.6 – Las cuestiones omisas serán resueltas por el comité organizador de la Muestra Udigrudi Mundial de Animación.



Período y lugar:
Dirección Postal:
Código postal:
Ciudad y Estado:
Teléfono /fax:
Originalmente producido en :
Clasificación de edad (indicativa):
¿Desea participar de la Muestra itinerante de MUMIA en ciudades de todo Brasil y en el extranjero? ¿Sí o no?

Traducion: Janine Avelar

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The best braziliam animation in Ecuador.
Thanks a Savio Leite, director of MUMIA and Sonia Paredes by embassy of Brazil en Ecuador, the show the best braziliam animation and Brazil, country of Honor of ANIMEC - 3th Internacional Animation in Ecuador.

The braziliam animation are:
TERRA(Earth) - Savio Leite - 5' - 2009
VIDA MARIA (MARIA'S LIFE)- Marcio Ramos - 9' - 2006
YANSAN - Carlos Eduardo Nogueira - 18' - 2006
NAVE MAE (MOTHER SHIP) - Fabio Zimbres and Otto Guerra - 12' -2004
CASTELOS DE VENTO (CASTLE OF WIND) - Tania Anaya - 8' - 1998
DA JANELA PRO CINEMA (THE WINDOW TO CINEMA) - Quia Rodrigues - 13' - 1999
ALMAS EM CHAMAS (SOULS ON FIRE) - Arnaldo Galvao - 11' - 2000