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Emerged in the late 90's, the Machinimas refers to both a new film genre and a technique of film production. Paul Marino, one of the first directors of Machinima, defines it as a movie conceived in real time within a synthetic environment. With Machinimas, the videogame, an object of mass consumption, turns out to be a production tool for meaning and a way of expression accessible to all those who have got a game console and a computer.

The GTA game provides the framework for a futuristic meditation with "The Days
After", de André Pesch. To catch up with the recent days, World of Electors, by Alex Chan, transforms game characters in voters, interviewed about the presidential french

Designed by Isabelle Arvers, coordinator of the specialized exhibition about the
relationship between art and video games, this program mixes experimental films with
narrative films such as "The Snow Witch", by Michelle Pettit-Mee, about a Japanese

The Machinimas, literally a contraction of the words 'machine' and 'cinema',are short films created from tools used to produce videogames. Recentely,game sites like the Sims 2 or The Movies, by Peter Molyneux,enabled on the web tools that allow internet users to create by themselves their own short films, making use of the universe and the characters of videogames.

Because of this, we are watching the democratization of the phenomenon of the critic
deviation of videogames. That's how a simple film, made from the site The Movies, was able to spread the planet last November. Designed by Alex Chan, a french designer from Paris, 27 years old, this film exposes the dangers of the French political system and turns to be the 'voice' of the suburbs during the riots. The Tendency of the press opinion and international community of players show that the Machinimas is about to become a means of political expression.

This program has the support of MOSTRAVIDEO Itaú Cultural and is designed by
Isabelle Arvers, French curator of new media and specialized critic on video,
computer games, web animation and digital cinema.

Rusty Whispers: Denis
Robert Stoneman, United States, 2007, 2min7s

Produced with the game Half-Life 2, tells the story of a lonely man who lives among the birds. Always busy in creating inventions and machines, one day he tries to fly. The film is narrated by the artist Ben Hundley. Music by Aphex Twin.

Ballad of Black Mesa

Ben Hundley and Zachariah Scott, United States, 2007, 2min3s

In the iPod's advertising style, this animation mixed the game Half-Life 2 with techno music, made with the sounds of the game. Produced by Litfuse, this videoclip refers to the dance group Stomp.

The Snow Witch
Michelle Pettit-Mee, UK, 2006, 10 min

A ghost story conceived in the game The Sims 2 and based on the tale Yuki-Onna
(Kwaidan), by Patrick Lafcadio Hearn. Two woodcutters, an old man and his
apprentice, Minokichi, are trapped in the forest due to a snowstorm and find refuge in a hut. At night, Minokichi is forced to make a promise.

What I Love About Xmas
Phil Rice, United States, 2007, 3min52s

Phil Rice, also known as Overman, one of the most known names in the world of Machinima, produces this satirical film about Christmas. His answers to the question: "What do you like about Christmas holidays?", are given in a tone of bitterness and disappointment. The production was created by the software 3D Moviestorm.

Chevauchée Nocturne
Les Riches Douaniers, France, 2006, 6min24s
The music video features the silhouette of a hero on his horse. They move slowly in an endeless and shapeless landscape. The resonance of the horse's steps breaks into the music and the space. The hero is presented as a wandering dreamer.

Benjamin Nuel, France, 2008, 13 min
The terrorist and the antiterrorist, satyrical portraits of the war game, are isolated in a hotel - a peaceful and bucolic place. They are, in some ways, idly occupying their time. Inspired by the war games, the film proposes an antispectacular universe.

The Days After
André Pesch and Apollo Productions, Denmark, 2006, 10min14s

The world has been devasted by a flu epidemic. Bogart, a survivor, spends most of
his days on the roof of buildings, in an anonymous city, until he finds Ingrid, another survivor. Both discover that they were alone for so long.

Male Restroom Etiquette
Phil Rice Zarathustra Studios, United States, 2006, 9min55s

Made with The Sims 2 and Sim City 4, the short film is based on the writings of the
communitarian site everything2.com, which were published in 2000. This animation
shows how our lives and the way society works depends on our agreement to the
bathrooms' laws.

World of Electors
Alex Chan, France, 2007, 1min43s

Between the two rounds of the 2007 presidential elections in France, Alex Chan
interviewed people about issues such as national identity, suburbs and children. The
interviews are then transformed to Machinima using the game The Movies.

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Born in St-Petersburg, Russia on January 21st, 1975.
Moved to New York in 1994
In 2000 graduated from Brooklyn College, (bachelor of Arts) with emphasis on film.
In 2002 produced two animated music videos for British musician Stephen Coates also
known as (The Real) Tuesday Weld or the Clerkenwell Kid.
One of the films, "Bathtime in Clerkenwell" received recognition and awards in many
film festivals around the world
In 2003 produced three animated promos.
In 2004 completed 4 minute animated music film based on a song "Brazil" by Geoff
Muldaur and 75 sec educational music animation for children, commissioned by
MaGiC Studios
In 2004-2005 created four commercial ads for an advertising campaign of energetic
drink Lucozade in UK
In 2006 competed animated music video based on Jim Avignon's song "Jukebox" and
his original drawings. Jim Avignon is considered the pioneer of a new generation of
pop artists. A lauded and much-respected cult figure in Techno subculture in Berlin.
In 2007 created 5 one minute educational animations for little kids with company
Lilipip which is based in Seattle, also made an animated short "Guitar birds"
commissioned by Sesame street and commercial ad for Greenpeace. In September
completed a new music video for The Real Tuesday Weld – a 4 minute animation
called "Last Time in Clerkenwell", which is a second episode of "Bathtime in
Clerkenwell", made 5 years earlier.


SHOWREEL INTRO – 50” – 2002

This film is based on Stephen Coates' song from the album "When Psyche meets Cupid".
The animation tells a story of a prisoner who works in a prison's gramophone factory

and while assembling gramophones thinks of his girlfriend.

This animation is based on Stephen Coates composition under the same title. This film
is about The Great Revolution of the British Cuckoos, who bravely took over London,
forcing all the people to move inside the cuckoo clocks.

This animated music film is based on the song Brazil (Baros and Russel) performed by
The Real Tuesday Weld with Nick Phelps and Geert Chatrou. It is a story of a Brazilian
monkey, who left his motherland and wants to come back.

JUKEBOX – 3’- 2006
This film is based on Jim Avignon's (aka Neoangin) song "Jukebox" and drawings from
his album "Scratchbook".

RETURN I WILL TO OLD BRAZIL – 4’- 2004 ( revised)

This film shows what happened to the Royal Legion of birds from "Bathtime in
Clerkenwell" after they took over London and came to power. The Bird Empire
expands beyond the Earth boundaries and falls under unexpected circumstances.

This animated short tells a story of an Evil King, whose life is turned into a nightmare
by a pilgrim who constantly reappears by the Royal Tower and totally ignores The
King. Simplicity goes a long way in this short film, and it doesn’t get more simple
than this black-and-white royal farce in which a series of mishaps leads to death,
dismemberment and aliens.

RAGGED – 50”- 2009

This film is based on the song “Middle Class Hell” and original drawings by Jim
Avignon (aka Neoangin) from his album “Say hi to your neighbourhood”.


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Max Hattler

German experimental animator and media artist Max Hattler studied at Goldsmiths and
the Royal College of Art in London. He has had solo exhibitions at Lumen Eclipse,
Media Art Friesland and Someonesgarden Tokyo, and retrospectives at Fredrikstad
Animation Festival and Branchage Jersey Film Festival. Max Hattler’s films screened
at hundreds of festivals and won awards at the London International Animation
Festival, Videofestival Bochum, Videologia, Darklight and 700IS, among others.
His films have been included in the touring programmes of the European Media Art
Festival, Videoformes, onedotzero, Resfest, The Animation Show, L’Alternativa,
Animac, AURORA, and the British Animation Awards. Max has made music videos
and tour visuals for several bands including Basement Jaxx and The Egg, and he
has performed live audio-visuals across Europe, the Americas and Japan, including
Cimatics, Filmfest Dresden, SuperDeluxe Tokyo, The Big Chill, Curtas Vila do Conde,
and London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts. Max lives and works in London and
Germany. He teaches at Goldsmiths College and at the University of East London and
is currently doing a Professional Doctorate in Fine Art. For more information please see

“I am interested in the space between abstraction and figuration, where storytelling is freed from the constraints of traditional narrative. My work contemplates microcosms, moments, atmospheres: Close-ups as reflections on the big picture. While my films tend to be without dialogue, they explore the relationship between sound, music and the moving image.”

One of “three of the world’s most exciting young animators” (Dazed and Confused)
One of "Europe's most hotly tipped visual artists" (Metropolis Magazine, Japan)
“Max Hattler is one of my favourite experimental animators” (Directors Notes)
“his personal work is a revelation” (Institute of Contemporary Art, London)
“Current hot potatoe” (Time Out London)
“absorbing and metaphorical visual musings” (Dazed Digital)
“made important contributions to the development of the field of animation” (Camille
Selvon Abrahams, Animae Caribe Festival Director)
“Max is definitely one of the most original, startling animators around with
range of projects, commercial and high art” (Ian Lumsden, animationblog.org)
“With a style that blends clever use of audio with simple and metaphorically laden
visuals, his work really just rocks” (Run-Riot)
"... animator Max Hattler ... uses objects, cameras and computers to drag you into
another dimension through shape, colour, movement, sound, politics, pop culture, off-
key on-point observation and kaleidoscopic geometry. His live AV sets are good too."
Carla MacKinnon, Hot 110

Alpraum (UK 2001, 5:00, sound: Alex Marten)
Everything Turns (UK 2004, 1:15, sound: Max Hattler)
Nachtmaschine (director’s cut, UK 2005, 2:30, music: Hellmut Hattler)
Collision (UK 2005, 2:30, sound: Max Hattler)
Striper v0.1 (UK 2006, 0:30, sound: Pablo Gav)
Mount Allen (UK/D 2007, 3:40, music: Economy Wolf)
Drift (UK/D 2007, 3:33, music: Mark Bowden)
Aanaatt (UK/D/JP 2008, 4:45, music: Jemapur)
Where's Your Head At (UK/D 2009, 6:00, music: Basement Jaxx)
1923 aka Heaven (DK/UK/D 2010, 1:50 loop, sound: Blak
1925 aka Hell (DK/UK/D 2010, 1:35 loop, sound: Adrian Dexter)
Spin (FR/UK/D 2010, 3:55, sound/music: Eclectic)

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ONDE QUER QUE VÁS LÁ ESTARÁS – Sara Barbas – 2’- Portugal / Reino
Unido – 2008.
BEAR AT THE CLIFF – Woon Bing Chang – 2’- UK / Malaysia – 2009
THE CITY - Vappu Tuomisto -5’ 47”- Finland – 2009
JOHN AND KAREN – Matthew Walter – 3’30”- Reino Unido – 2007
COUNTRY MOHAMMED – Berin Tuzlic – 3’- Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2009
HUMAN BEINGS - ADAMHA – Mashaallah Mohammadi – 3’- Iran – 2009
HOMELAND - Juan de Dios Marfil – 6’ 25” - Czech/Spanish - 2009
LUNCH - Irina Golina Sagatelian – 1’20”- Israel - 2010
WHAT ELSE IS THERE – Nigel Mullins – 9’- South Africa – 2010
FENGSHUI – Pauliina Punkki – 4’- Finland – 2009
VIDEOGAMES – Javier Cabrera – 4’30”- Argentine – 2008
REAL ESTATE – Jonathan Weston – 4’- Londres - UK – 2009
THE ELASTIC BARBER - Milla Nybondas – 5’20”- Finlând – 2005.

THE DIFFICULT REFLECTION – Milla Nybondas & Kristina Laine – 4’- Finlând – 2009
LESHII - Irina Golina Sagatelian -2’30”- Israel - 2009
MONDO’S SEARCH FOR THE SUN – Jana Prchalova – 11’- Great Britain- 2010
HORN DOG - Bill Plympton – 4’30” – USA – 2009
RECIPE - Martha Griffith – 5’ 23”- Canadá – 2009
PIGEON: IMPOSSIBLE – Lucas Martell – 6’- Austin – USA – 2009
ENGLISH LESSONS – Chrzu – 20’ – Finlandia – 2008

LOST AND FOUND – ACHADOS E PERDIDOS - Philip Hunt – 24’- Inglaterra –2008.
LES EPOUVANTAILS - Berin Tuzlic – 3’- Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2010
THE UNPLUGGED SON - Milla Nybondas – 9’- Finlând – 2009.
PHOTOGRAPH OF JESUS - Laurie Hill – 6’40” - Inglaterra – 2008
I KNOW YOU – Gudrun Krebitz- 4’- Germany / Austria – 2009
ROJAK – Jordan Suleiman & Mussadique Suleiman – 5’- Malaysia – 2009.
JAATAVA YILATYS – Anu Sorsa – 2’- Finland – 2009.

THE SURPRISE DEMISE OF FRANCIS COOPER’S MOTHER – Feliz Massie – 7 ‘30” – Reino Unido – 2008
I AM SO PROUND OF YOU – Don Hertzfeldt – 22’- USA – 2008
ONE MAN'S HELL - SOULS SUCKER - Vittorio Farfán – 3’ – Chile – 2009
A FILM ABOUT POO – Emily Howells & Anne Wilkins – 1’30”- Reino Unido – 2009.
SH*T HAPPENS - Andrew Grindle – 6’ – Wales- UK – 2008
ATENCIÓN AL CLIENTE - Marcos Valín, David Alonso – 8’- Espanha - 2007
LIKE CRUDE OIL - Daniel Pardo - 4’ – Espanha – 2009

EVERYTHING WILL BE OK – TUDO VAI DAR CERTO - Don Hertzfeldt – 17’- USA – 2006.
INK - Justine Wallace – 11’ – Australia - 2009
BLOODY HANDS – Malakias – 7’ – Finlandia – 2009
LIKE ME, ONLY BETTER – Martin Pickles – 5’20” – Inglaterra – 2007
I FALL DOWN – Jesse Collet – 3’- Reino Unido – 2010
The Cow Who Wanted to be a Hamburger - Bill Plympton – 5’50” - USA - 2010



Isca – Yannet Briggiler – 3´ Florianópolis – 2009
Entre Nós – Erick Grigorovski – 14´45´´ Rio de Janeiro – 2010
War – Christian Caselli – 3´’- Rio de Janeiro – 2009
O Retorno de Saturno – Lisandro Santos – 12´ Porto Alegre – 2009
Bailarino e o Bonde – Rogério Nunes – 10´ 20´´ São Paulo – 2009
Buba e o Aquecimento Global – Eduardo Nakamura – 1´ São Paulo – 2010
A maçã e eu – Alan Bitencourt – 3’- Nova Friburgo – 3’- 2010
1:21 – Adriana Câmara – 10´43´´ Recife PE – 2010

Total: 58’

Um Menino Uma Flor – Caó Cruz Alves – 4´ Salvador – 2009
Justiça emplaca – Alexandre Bersot – 6´36´´ Niterói RJ – 2006
Predador – Rafael Jardim – 1´ Salvador – 2008
Aula de Yoga N. 34 – Gordeeff e Cláudio Roberto – 5´ - Rio de Janeiro RJ – 2009
A Princesa e o Violinista – Guto Bozzeti – 10´ Porto Alegre – 2008
A Casa Dos Ingleses – Coletivo Gafanhoto Verde – 26´20´´ São Paulo – 2009
Matador Digital- Ednei Marx – 1´28´´ São Bernardo do Campo – 2010
Maria da Glória - Diego Akel – 2’- Fortaleza / CE - 2010

Total: 56’

Espetáculo – O Magico e a Domadora – Rafael Jardim – 3´ Salvador
7 Voltas – Rogério Nunes – 25´ São Paulo – 2009
João – André Castelão – 3´ Rio de Janeiro RJ - 2010
O Gato Preto – Karina Mendonça Alvarenga – 7´ São Carlos – 2009
OS HAI-KAIS DO PRÍNCIPE – Mauricio Squarisi – 13’- Campinas - 2009

Total: 55’

Primeira Paróquia do Cristo Sintético – Gabriel Menotti- 14´30´´ Vitória.
Amalgama – Ednei Marx – 7´ São Bernardo do Campo – 2008/2009
Izamara – Diogo Hayashi – 9´ São Paulo
A Morte de Férias – Claudio Guido – 5´ Salvador – 2009
Coisas Que Acontecem No Cemitério – Episódio II – Carlos José Marcato e Rafael
Carcato – 4´ Ipeúna/SP – 2010
O Divino, de Repente – Fábio Yamaji – 6´20´´ SP – 2009
Um Fio de Esperança – Alunos do Ensino Fundamental da Rede Municipal de Vitória –
9´ Vitória.
Oniruku – Renato Gaia – 2’- Belo Horizonte – 2010.

Total: 57’

O Menino que Plantava Invernos – Victor-Hugo Burges – 16´ SP – 2008
Eu Queria ser Um Monstro – Marão – 10´ RJ – 2009
LELÊ – Carlos Dowling & Shiko – 4´ João Pessoa PB – 2008
De Ovos e Guarda-chuva – Alexandre Bersot – 8´ Niterói RJ – 2008
Reconhecimento - Ítalo Cajueiro – 12’- Brasília – 2009
Nonato Azul e as Borboletas – Cleuberth Choi – 3’- Santa Maria/Brasília – 2010
A Ilha – Ale Camargo – 8’47”- Brasília – DF - 2009

Total: 61’


Balanços e Milkshakes – Erick Ricco e Fernando Mendes – 10´ - Belo Horizonte – 2010
Musicaixa – Jackson Abacatu – 2´ - Belo Horizonte – 2010
O Jardineiro – Robson dos Santos – 4´- Belo Horizonte – 2009
Made in Japan – Felipe Castro – 1´47´´ - Belo Horizonte – 2009
Chloe – Ana Moravi – 2´ Belo Horizonte – 2009
Um é pouco, 2 é bom, 3 é demais , 4 é d+ da conta – Luciano Irrthum – 4´ Belo
Horizonte – 2009
147 – Marcelo Tannure – 4´ Nova Lima - 2010
Eu Venci – Thiago Hebert – 2´42´´ Esmeraldas – 2009
A Mosca – Samira Daher – 2´22´´ - Belo Horizonte – 2009
Tá na Cabeça – Fernando Rossi – 2´47´´ - Belo Horizonte – 2009
Cortejo – Marília Poggiali – 5’40”- Belo Horizonte – 2010
Salmo 23 – Robson dos Santos – 4´19´´ - Belo Horizonte – 2009
O céu de Tarsila – Fernanda Figueredo – 1’- Belo Horizonte – 2010
Ora Bolas - Ana Pessoa - 1:19'- Contagem – MG - 2010
Rastros – Renato Gaia – 1’30” – Belo Horizonte – 2010
Mefisto – Vinicius Soares – 4’27”- Belo Horizonte - 2010

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MUMIA in Fanima TU in Slovenia

The MUMIA is invited by the Festival Fanime TU of Slovenia in October next to show the best of what happened in the Brazilian animation beginning of this century and which have been exhibited at the show in these seven years. A picture of what is best in terms of animation produced in Brazil. Brief details of the show.

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Fanima.Tu predstavlja:
MUMIA - Underground World Animation Festival (Brazilia)
Pred nekaj dnevi smo naravnost iz Brazilije dobili paket z izborom najboljših kratkih animiranih filmov, ki so se v zadnjih 8. letih predstavili na festivala MUMIA!!! Z največjim veseljem ta izbor uvrščamo tudi v naš program. Več o samem festivalu si lahko preberete na spodnjem naslovu (spletna stran je deloma v portugalščini, deloma v angleščini):