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Andrea Martignoni
Performer, sound designer, historian in Animation.
He has created soundtracks for short animated films by Blu, Saul Saguatti, Michele Bernardi, Pierre Hébert and others. He teaches history of animation in Fine Arts Palermo, and works closely with several international festivals with master classes, workshops, lectures on topics related to animation and soundtrack. He is often invited to international juries and selection committees throughout the world.
He has performed with Basmati, Pierre Hébert, Theodore Ushev, Compagnia d’Arte Drummatica in several international film and music festivals in Europe. Carries workshops together with Basmati B.C. and Ottomani Cultural Association and his active in  promoting the Italian animated film internationally.  He won the Golden Reiter for the best soundtrack to the 23 th edition of the International Short Film Festival FilmFest Dresden and the Asifa Award Italy in 2010. He curated with Paola Bristot, ANIMAZIONI, a DVD collection about Italian contemporary animation.


Working on an Italian short film collection for a second time is even more exciting than the first. Mainly because a second edition  implies that you have staked your time and energies on this project. After a year and a half, it seems that the new Italian animated production has not come to a standstill, so that our task is not yet accomplished. If anything, we have just started our investigation.

Gianni Canova recently talked of a 'Nouvelle Vague' in Italian animation. Even without referring  to this brilliant film movement, there are certainly many attention-grabbing  situations  taking place in different places at the same time. In fact, it was relatively easy to  come across new artists, like Nicola Console, with his debut Dieci Cadute, after several theatre collaborations, or experienced  Alvise Renzini,  and his  Ci sono gli Spiriti, experimental in technique and taste.

A further evidence of vitality is the ability, displayed by the artists included in the first collection, of constantly renewing their style and contents. Donato Sansone presents another tiny gem, Topo Glassato al Cioccolato, pictures animated in rhythm once again perfectly integrated with Enrico Ascoli excellent sound work;  ' hardy' Saul Saguatti and Audrey Coianiz, the 'evergreen' Michele Bernardi, and Igor Imhoff , who's established himself as one of our finest artists, with his new Percorso# 0009-0410.

We are proud to host, as previously with  Gianluigi Toccafondo's Piccola Russia, a masterwork of Italian animation in the last ten years: Roberto Catani's La Funambola. This film provides a vital link with the Urbino's ISA art scene. It's no accident that many artists are based in this area: the fascinating, and at the same time disturbing, debut of young Marco Cappellacci, Le Fobie del Guardrail, and the passionate work of Alessia Travaglini  Silenziosa-mente.

Different technique, although similar passion, in Beatrice Pucci's Imago, a complex puppet animation with a strong impact, clearly connected to the aesthetic and techniques of the East European  School, as well as The journey of the Birdboy creation by Chiara Ambrosio, a London-based multi-faceted artist who has collaborated with many musicians of contemporary British scene. A touch of inspired insanity  is guaranteed with Aztrokitifk & Mario si danno al Crimine! by Ivan Manuppelli and Gianluca Lo Presti. 

Italian animation seems to have finally found a fertile ground : a clear demonstration is the film originated in Turin's CSC, Dalila Rovazzani and Giovanni Munari's Arithmetique , a bold short film based on Maurice Ravel's musical score of the opera L’Enfant et le sortilège.  Donato Sansone ,too,graduated at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, as well as the authors of Giallo a Milano, coproduced by the CSC.

In addition to this selection, the number of  children and young people involved in the making of animated  short films and successfully attending International festivals is constantly increasing. This is  why we think that our Raccolte  may still be  relevant in the future. 

Chiara Ambrosio - The Journey of the Birdboy - Italy, 2007 - 4: 23 

The animation work of Chiara Ambrosio is an exploration into ideas of memory, loss and illusion through the use of animation, photography and video installation, deeply rooted in the surreal, absurdist world of Czech and Eastern European animation and literature. Chiara works with both live action and animation (using puppets and found objects), together with light and sound, to create short visual poems or prayers, often relying on music and sound to engage with the emotional, irrational and subliminal side of the mind. (http://www.acuriousroom.com)

Sergio Basso, Lorenzo Latrofa - Giallo a Milano - Italy, 2009 - 6:51 

Giallo a Milano, a 3 episode animation, is part of a movie of the same name on Milanese Chinatown. The storyboard was based on pictures collected by Stefano Basso, a specialist in Chinese art, and  Daniele Cologna’s photographs, a sinologist close to the Chinese community in Milan. Longxing, the film main character, cooperates with the police and describes his journey from China to Italy, via Russia. Animation conveys poetic and suggestive significance to a tragic series of events, with unique stylistic devices awarded at Annecy in 2010. 

Michele Bernardi - Djuma - Italy, 2012 - 3:50 

Djuma is a work of some power in its study of the more violent aspects of the Human psyche. With an almost sumptuous ease and design flair, something of which is captured in the screenshot, the rampage through the countryside and cities has a resonance when one considers the riots that periodically besmirch all our countries. Shades of William Golding with maybe just a touch of Joseph Conrad - sorry for the English references here - in the judgement on mankind, for Djuma is a metaphor for human nature, I think, and its assessment is grim. Particularly if one is brought up by wolves. But there's such artistry and glamour in the depiction. (Ian Lumsden, http://www.animationblog.org,)


Marco Capellacci - Le Fobie del Guardrail  - Italy 2012 - 5:00 

The story deals with the mimesis without filters of one child's mental  escapes. The characters, cryptic and absorbed, lean out over the guardrail, metaphoric representation of the interior universe of the child. The images reveal his secret, his hidden kingdom of darkness made of screams and sounds.


Nicola Console - Dieci cadute - Italy, 2012 - 17:57

Loosely based on La caduta, by Martino Lo Cascio, this animated film develops from a chalk drawing on black plastic sheets, with photographs interacting with camera shooting. A remarkable combination to approach  current affairs topics,  and play power politics with famous dictators and their  sad followers. Nicola Console rearranges his accusation from a rhetorical  and contingent level to universal poetic language. 


Igor Imhoff - Percorso#0009-0410 - Italy, 2010 - 4:28

In Percorso Imhoff creates  a fairy-tale  ambience, exploring the crossing paths of concentric worlds, where a thin  thread conveys the vision from micro to macro, thus developing an evocative metaphor, in which different levels of existence  become dependent on one another. In addition, the “pop/pulp” aesthetic of this video provides an intriguing up-to-date  atmosphere to Imhoff’ usual timeless setting. The graphic elegance and sophisticated technical ability  take the audience to a stratified universe where  you can easily get lost. (http://www.artevideoromafestival.org/ Bruno Di Marino)


Ivan Manuppelli, Gianluca Lo Presti - Aztrokitifk & Mario Show, si danno al Crimine - Italy, 2008 - 5:00

This is the first episode  of an animated series, Aztrokitifk & Mario Show,  based on a comic with the same name. The protagonists of the series are Aztrokitifk & Mario, a caramel cat and a voodoo doll, eager to conquer the planet.  In each episode a tragicomic sketch create veritable micro-stories  twisting  every narrative genre. The Show is a distorted version of burlesque, of the medicine shows of black America and vaudeville. The stage  is set  inside an old, shabby, tacky and old-fashioned theatre. Aztrokitifk & Mario are a side-effect of the economic crisis and their Show a decadent will of redemption. www.mammafotogramma.it


Giovanni Munari, Dalila Rovazzani - Arithmétique - Italy, 2010 - 4:00 

Arithmétique is Giovanni Munari e Dalila Rovazzani’s graduation at CSC-Animation Department in Chieri. An excellent test on a fragment from Maurice Ravel’s opera L'enfant et les sortileges, ‘A Lyric Fantasy in Two Parts’ with a libretto by Colette (1925). Dalila Rovazzani e Giovanni Munari used to the full potential the musical and narrative “coup de scène’ , following the rhythm of this eccentric opera.

Beatrice Pucci - Imago - Italy, 2008 - 5:50 

Imago is a complex fascinating work whose title refers to the last metamorphic state of butterflies and moths. It describes a ritual marking a life change, and solicits a sacrifice in order to achieve it. The switch in the first frame shows (indicates) the polarities the main character will have to pass through, the cruel beauty of a robotic doll caged in her crinoline. With a conjuring trick, the mutant creature materializes a fish, and mimics its death throes. She moves her arms as wings and finally swallows it . Then she starts dancing, and she becomes covered with white fluff a cocoon dress designed by deconstructionist professionals. The  final frame gets back to the case with five Death's-head Hawk moths flapping their wings, only the Acherontia Atropos are now six. (Luiza Samanda Turrini, http://www.braintwisting.com,)


Alvise Renzini - Ci sono gli spiriti - Italy, 2009 - 6:20 

There are spirits is a free visual interpretation of a Carl Gustav Jung’s dream. The dream starts off with a quite common archetype: one's own home, the most familiar place for each of us, as an unexplored entity. Jung finds himself entering a series of "secret" rooms: the first room is an zoological laboratory  where his father carries out several experiments. The second is a bedroom where his mother attempts to capture spirits. The third is a big hotel's Hall, prelude of thousands of other rooms, where an orchestra is playing. The technique with which the piece is realized consists in drawings on acetate carried out with either watercolours or tempera colours, or drawings made with cotton filaments, dust, hair, stamped in stop-motion in a darkroom on photographic paper in black and white. Some parts are instead realized with drawings in tempera colours on cardboard paper and candle soot.The obtained photographs were subsequently scanned and sequenced. (Alvise Renzini, http://www.opificiociclope.com/).


Saul Saguatti, Audrey Coïaniz - Corpus No Body - Italy, 2010 - 6:00

Corpus No Body is a study on the human machine, exploring different solutions, skills, attitudes or physical specificity in human framework. Human body depicted in different typologies, linked to psychic diversity and genetic complexity, ageing, malformations, each man machine with its own characteristics, performing in motion and moving in space, as different rhythms and skills. Human microcosm pinpoint its movement skills in space… Corpus No Body  show that it is possible to overcome this diversity that influences the way we perceive others, altering the normal motor abilities linked to common sense. (Basmati, 2010, http://www.basmati.it)


Donato Sansone aka Milkyeyes - Topo glassato al cioccolato - Italy, 2011 - 2:40 

Topo glassato al cioccolato it's a dreamlike, dark and surreal vision in wich the elements swirl around, running after themselves in an endless scene. Topo glassato al cioccolato is a project for  a film, it was developed spontaneously during the act, when I was working at it. I had a guess, but it gets evolved by instinct. Then I had the general vision about how it had to finish. This way of work allows my mind and my feelings to come out without restraint, playing with different ideas and letting the unconscious out. Usually, when I expand a project I do it around a single idea born in a specific moment, but ideas aren’t firm, the thought evolves and it drags me to new perspectives, without conceiving them before. The research on sounds by Enrico Ascoli created a powerful and lysergic audio-morphing from a  material to another, and designed a deep, still and dark atmosphere. (Donato Sansone, 2012).


Alessia Travaglini - Silenziosa-Mente - Italy, 2011 - 5:00 
Silenziosa-Mente was built on the rotoscope technique. The female main character deals with complex relationships and external communications , symbolically represented by a row of hanging telephones, a free interpretation of the less technologic visions of Dalì’s soft watches. Animation highlights the central events of the story: a quarrel between dog headed and cat headed politicians, a zombie, the mental obnubilation by a word whirl. An amazing performance by a young artist mostly devoted to video-clips, displaying her original narrative verve

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10 MUMIA - Special Screening - Cineclube de Avanca - Portugal

The Cine Club Avanca is a nonprofit association dedicated to the promotion and production of culture by the media, based in Avanca.

Filmógrafo - Rua Prof. Dr. Egas Moniz, nº 159, 3860-078 Avanca, Portugal


Conto do Vento  (Tale of the Wind )– Cláudio Jordão e Nelson Martins – 12’- 2010

Salva had the gift of feeling the life of nature traveling through his body. He lived in the forest across the river with Abia, his mother, and he was happy, until the day that his life changed. The men and women of the village made her watch the burning of her mother that had been accused of Witchcraft. Years later the fear that the villagers had of her mother is the same that move them against her. 

Awards: Prémio Competição AVANCA e Menção Honrosa | AVANCA’2010, Portugal;  Prémio Revelação | Festival « XVII Caminhos do Cinema Português » Coimbra, Portugal, 2010; Prémio Melhor Filme de Animação | PORTO7 International Short Film Festival, Portugal, 2011; Prémio Animação | Prémio Nacional Multimédia, Lisboa, Portugal, 2011; Premio Melhor Animação | Naoussa International Film Festival, Grecia, 2011; Prémio Melhor Curta de terror Portuguesa | MOTEL X, Lisbon - Portugal, 2011; Ibero-American Best Short film | 5th Festival “Visões Periféricas”, Brasil, 2011; Prémio Melhor Curta | Bragacine International Film Festival, Portugal, 2011; 2nd Animated Cartoon Award | 12th TOTI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL (Maribor), Slovenia, 2011; 2nd Prize, Short Film Category | III Festival de Cinema Digital de Odemira, Portugal, 2011; Animation Prize | Tirana International Film Festival, Albania, 2011; CinEuphoria Top Curtas-Metragens (Cinema Português), CinEuphoria Top 10 (Cinema Português) e CinEuphoria | Cineuphoria Awards 2012 – Portugal; Second Best Special Effects/Animation’ | 4th UFO International Digital Film Festival 2012 -India."

A ria, a agua, o homem... (The estuary, the water, the man… )– Manuel Matos Barbosa – 5’- 2010

The black and white draw the three elements, animating ordinary things in a poetic sense of the image.

Awards: Prémio melhor documentário | Arouca Film Festival, Portugal, 2010; Premio Categoria Prata | TourFilm Brasil 2011, Florianópolis- Brasil; Menção Honrosa | PORTO7 International Short Film Festival, Portugal, 2011; 2º Prémio de animação | Bridge Fest Cooltura – Bósnia e Herzegovina, 2011; Diploma Especial do Júri |12th TOTI International Festival, Slovenia, 2011; 1º Prémio de animação | 7th Athens AnimFest – Grécia, 2012;

O relogio de Tomas - Cláudio Sá – 8’- 2010

Time does not turn back, and way back then are the moments which we do not appreciate. With the arrival of a magical clock, Tomás is going to have the privilege “of managing the time”. Or will it teach him how to live?

Awards: Prémio 1º Lugar | Festival de Cinema Independente ON’CINE, Portugal, 2010; Prémio Toma Lá Curtas | Toma lá Arte, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, 2010; Prémio Menção Honrosa | Brevemente Concurso de Audiovisual e Publicidade, Portugal, 2011; 1º Prémio | VIDEO FESTIVAL IMPERIA, Italy, 2012.

Mulher sombra (Shade Woman )– Joana Imaginário - 7‘ 39’’ – 2011

SHADE WOMAN is the story of a woman bewitched by the wind -- "from now on everything will enchant you (...) and you will be a prisoner of the permanent movement." By walking far, the woman started to disappear and only her shade was left of.

Awards: Premio Competição AVANCA e Prémio Menção Especial (Prémio Estreia Mundial) | AVANCA 2011 – Encontros Internacionais de Cinema, TV, Vídeo e Multimédia – Portugal, 2011; Prémio Animação | XVIII Festival “Caminhos do Cinema Português”, Coimbra – Portugal, 2011.

Bruxas (Witches )– Francisco Lança – 9’43’’ – 2011

A young man is fascinated by the stories told by an old sailorman at the wharf of Lisbon and decides to board, secretly, a caravel that was on the way to Africa.

Brincarolas– Graça Gomes – 3’ – 2011

The story development  is given by the discovery of toys, other game rules, discovery of being with other people and  forming a team that they will allow them to surpass the existing limitations to be able to continue the game and the trick. With a duration time of three minutes per episode, that is enough to tell a simple and objective story, which starts from the game and ends in the game.

Schlager– Xavier Almeida -  5’- 2011

A person's emotional and transversal journey between childhood and maturity, innocence and conscience, harmony and violence.

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10th MUMIA - Special Screening - Doncvoilá - France

Doncvoilà productions is a production company and a creative studio, managed by Virginie Giachino (producer) and Joris Clerté (director).

Since 2005, doncvoilà productions has produced animated films : shorts films, promotional and educational films and series, broadcast/film design.

Program :

Les experts de l’archéologie : le tracéologue - Joris Clerté, Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet and Marc Chevalier - 01’47  - 2010
"In short entertaining animation movies, archeology experts will have you understand how scientists conjecture reality from elements that the inexperienced eye would consider meaningless or undecipherable.  The use-wear analyst… His speciality is understanding the marks from use on prehistoric tools and then telling stories about them… authentic stories…


Une petite histoire du festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy - Joris Clerté - 1’30’’- 2011 

A brief history of the world’s greatest animation film festival !          


A brief history of starlets and the croisette - Joris Clerté - 1’17’’ - 2010                      
One minute to find out everything about starlets, BB, Simone, and all the girls in polka-dot bikinis walking up and down the Croisette hoping for a dream to come true – and a movie role too.  


A tort ou à raison - Joris Clerté & Philippe Massonnet - 02'04 – 2004
Three people talk around a restaurant table.     

Award : Prime à la qualité CNC 2004 / Centre national de la cinématographie 2004 Best Music Video / ‘For its simplicity and delicacy’ Ottawa International Animation Festival / Canada, Prix Adobe de l’originalité 2005 Festival des Très Courts,  2005 Music Video Silver Prize KAFI Kalamazoo International Animation Festival / United States, 2005 Special Distinction of Commissioned Film Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival / South Korea, 2005 Best Promotional/Commercial Film / ‘For it’s originality of idea and realisation’ Bradford Animation Festival / United Kingdom, 2006 Jury award Illes Balears International Short Film Festival, 2006 Jury Award Neuchâteau Animation Short Film Festival / Belgium"


Ce que je suis - Joris Clerté - 04'11 - 2006

The meteorological strolling of a young girl with dark thoughts.       
Awards: "Clipaward / Back up / Weimar, Germany, Best Music Video Award / Animated Film Festival / Neum, Bosnia, Music Video Award / International Animation Festival / Kalamazoo, United States.


C’EST TOUJOURS LA MÊME HISTOIRE - Joris Clerté & Anne Morin - 05' – 2007
Jean-Luc tells us how going to see a special film with his father made them both change one towards the other.


UNE PETITE HISTOIRE DE L’IMAGE ANIMÉE - Joris Clerté - 03'37 – 2007

Discover finally the real story of the animated image ! From Plato's cavern to Harry Potter passing by King Kong, magical special effects to digital VFX, we explain EVERYTHING...in 3 minutes.          
Awards: Diploma for the Best Film in Category Up to 5 Minutes, Balkanima / Belgrade, Serbia, Special Mention, Animacor / Cordoba, Spain, Prix Arte ""128 Meg@ d'Art"" / Villeurbanne, France.


Les grands chevaux - Joris Clerté - 03' – 2009

A young boy riding an imaginary creature pursues a bandit on horseback to exact mysterious revenge.          


Diversité culturelle - Olivier Martin - 02’35 – 2011

To protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions.           


Droit de suite - Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet - 03’ – 2011

"The art market is doing very nicely at the moment – and yet the artist’s resale right is under threat! But what exactly is the artist’s resale right? To illustrate what is at stake we will see that Mr Art Dealer finds sharing hard and the Artist needs continuous protection to be able to… create art!
Award : Animated Com Awward / Stuttgart, Allemagne


ECOFAUBOURGS - Pierre Emmanuel Lyet - 02’07’’ - 2012            

Tom decided to move to an ""Ecofaubourg"". He introduces us to a neighbourhood  that offers a completely new kind of lifestyle! Comfortable and environmentally friendly... and right in the centre of town!'        


Semaine sans pesticides - Joris Clerté, Joyce Colson & Olivier Martin -  01'15 – 2009

A winged pesticide spray swoops down on a bug coveting an apple. 


PETIT BATEAU Du fil au t-shirt - Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet - 02’ 10 – 2012

From cotton thread to t-shirt, the different stages of a t-shirt Petit Bateau.  


QU’EST CE QU’UN TROU NOIR ? - Marc Chevalier - 04’41 – 2009
For anyone who’s ever wanted to know all there is to know about black holes without ever daring to ask...           



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Camera-etc (formerly known as Caméra Enfants Admis)

Animated films by children, teenagers and adults - Authors production


Animation Studio

Camera-etc is a animation workshop based in Liège. Founded in 1979 under the name Caméra Enfants Admis, the association contributes to the emergence of cinematographic expression in the French-speaking community of Belgium by encouraging the production of children's, young authors' and adults' first works.


Audiovisual literacy                

Through its training courses, workshops, school projects, evening lessons, professional training, Camera-etc invites individuals to be more critical of audiovisual products. The participants, with the help of professionals, create an animated film from A to Z, thus improving their understanding of how the media work.

Awareness-raising tools

The productions of Camera-etc invite the viewer to think about current issues, thereby encouraging people to take on their responsibilities as citizens. The animated films, the documentaries, the exhibitions, the books and the educational guides serve as awareness-raising tools for diverse themes: Intercultural dialogue, Health, Environment, Children’s Rights...

Collective creation and arthouse films

Each person participates in all the stages of creation, from the script writing to the filming and the soundtrack, not forgetting the backgrounds and the characters. Camera-etc favours traditional techniques such as drawing, cut-out paper, modelling clay, puppets, sand, shadowgraphs... The workshop also produces the works of young authors.

Around the world

Camera-etc ensures that its works are known on the international level: participation in international festivals, television broadcasts, presentation during conferences... The workshop initiates cooperation and development projects with southern countries. Youngsters have created their own animated films during workshops in Vietnam, Bosnia, Serbia, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan, Burkina Faso. Camera-etc is a member of the CIFEJ and of the ASIFA Workshop Group.

Camera-etc is a non-profit association that is recognized as a Production Workshop and a Centre of Expression and Creativity by the French-speaking community of Belgium. The association also has the support of the Walloon Region, the Province of Liège, the City of Liège and the bank Triodos. 


Rue de Visé 490 - 4020 Liège-Wandre - Belgium
Tel.: 0032 4 253 59 97 / Fax: 0032 4 252 56 31

La vie de Poxy / Poxy’s Life - Louise-Marie Colon & Benjamin Vinck – 6’09”
The mom of Poxy is so poor that she’s forced to confide the little girl to her aunt. The new life of the small dog is rough: she doesn’t go any more to the school and her aunt treats her as a slave …

Awards: Caméras aux Jeunes 2011 (Belgium) - Prix du Meilleur Scénario; Festival Etang d’Arts 2011 (France)- Coup de Cœur du Public; AniFestRozafa 2011 (Albania)- Special Prize; Kid’s Eye Film Festival 2011 (Hungary) - Jury’s Prize

Moussa - Mathieu Brisebras & François d’Assise Ouédraogo – 5’17
Two children born in different ethnic groups discover habits and customs of the other one and become friends …

Prêmio/ Award: AniFestRozafa 2011 (Albania) => Special Prize  

Fatimata -  Benjamin Vinck & Moumouni Jupiter Sodré – 5’17”
The parents of Fatimata announce great news to their daughter: they are going to settle down in Canada. Fatimata is sad to leave her best friend …

Awards: Young Filmmaker International Festival 2011 (Brazil) - Special Prize, AniFestRozafa 2011 (Albania) - Special Prize.

Lorita - Louise-Marie Colon & Arzouma Mahamadou Dieni – 5’02
Lorita comes back from a long stay in Occident. In the village, the children find her different and refuse to play with her …
Award: AniFestRozafa 2011 (Albania) - Special Prize.

Ad Vitam - Mathieu Labaye – 8’36”
An old lady is frightened of losing her husband …


Cleo’s Boogie - collectif Camera-etc – 6’21”
 Two old friends, living with their cat in a faded apartment, relive the percussive and furious atmosphere of the Boogie-woogie of their youth. At that time, they accompanied a sensual singer of whom there is no more than an image on an old poster … Unless the black cat is her reincarnation?

Award: Prize « Simona Gesmundo » for Animated Short Film 2011 (Italy) -  First Prize

Contretemps - Delphine Hermans – 6’
By a sunny afternoon. A musician drops his double-bass to undress and bathe in the river. A little farther, a woman removes her dress and dives into the water. An individual seizes discreetly their clothes. The musician and the swimmer meet, naked and shy. Whereas he searches for foliage, she takes the place of the double bass in the case … The story is freely inspired by the novel Romance with Double-Bass by Anton Chekhov