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11˚ MUMIA – UNDERGROUND WORLD ANIMATION FESTIVAL - regulation and entry form

BELO HORIZONTE - NOVA LIMA 01 to 31 of October / 2013
Exhibition places: Humberto Mauro Cinema – Palace of Arts, Belo Horizonte Cultural Center, Casa do Baile (House of Ball), Joaquim Pedro de Andrade Cineclub, Uma Tela no Meu Bairro Cineclub, Uma tela na minha rua Cineclub, Sabotage Cineclub, Luis Bessa Public Library, UNA House, C.A.S.A (Armatrux Artistic Company), PUC São Gabriel,  Nada- Undió Shop,  SESC Palladium – (Betim’s City Hall Auditorium).
Extra Screenings / Special Programme: Teófilo Otoni (November / 2013)
The best of the world animated films on Minas Gerais’ screens.

MUMIA aims to broaden the spaces of imagination and possibilities of a new speech on art, of a new way of sensing the world and also a new way of expression, amid giving support to the brazilian cinematography culture by creating room to the emerging of new audiences, producers and directors.
Films and vídeos produced without any kind of support, no money at all or even those which caused loss to its producers and other ones made with very low budgets are very well accepted too.
MUMIA, a competitive festival, is a iniciative of brazilian animators with the support of Belo Horizonte’s Incentive Law of Culture, Betim's City Hall, ABCA, SESC Palladium, Leite Filmes, Pimenta Filmes, Sinpro Minas, IT Films, Comunication and Entertainment, UNA Universitarian Center,  Oficina de Imagens, Mucury Cultural,  Casa Fora do Eixo.
The purpose of MUMIA is to promote the cultural production of animation films and videos, contributing to its development as an artistic language, specific format and  production method. The Festival also aims to offer the local audience the access to the national and international animation production beyond what is currently available through commercial outlets, traditional production houses or film institutions.

Chapter I
MUMIA – Underground World Animation Festival – is focused in promoting recent animation short films, incentivating inovation and creativity.

Chapter II

2.1 - The Festival is opened to national and international animated films of any format and any lenght, completed after 2003, on DVD (NTSC), regardless of the original format.
International productions should include credits and complete dialogue list.
Each director can submit more than one film or video, but must submit each of them with separate entry forms, although the films or videos can be sent all together in the same DVD.
MUMIA will receive the films also through on H264 format.
DVDs must be sent to the festival's adress (see below).
Videos made in different worlds will be very well accepted too.

2.2 - Registration forms, DVDs, files and all the adicional information must be sent by May 31st 2013 to the Festival adress:

11º MUMIA – Centro Universitário UNA - Campus Liberdade
Rua da Bahia, 1764
Belo Horizonte – MG
Tel: (031) 9804 5253
Photos must be sent by mail to

Chapter III
3.1 - There will not be selection of the films and videos submitted. As long as the screening time of the Festival programming is completed, the selection will be over. Films that do not fit the festival's genre, according to the opinion of the festival's diretors, will not be accepted.
3.2 - Selected films and the programming will be available from August 23, 2013 in:

Chapter IV:
General Information
4.1 – Preview tapes will not be returned and will be part of the Festival’s archive and can be screened  only for cultural purposes on special programmes in Brasil or other countries, including television programmes, without commercial purposes under the director’s authorization.
4.2 - If your work is accepted into the festival, you agree to allow MUMIA to use the film (including images, photos, sound and clips – maximum of 30”) within our promotions and screenings.
4.3 – MUMIA’s is also allowed to use pictures, photos and graphic  and publicity materials of the films to promote them in every media supports.
4.4- All the selected Brazilian and international animations will be part of a Special Programme to be screened on the cities of Teófilo Otoni on November / 2013.
4.5 – Registration will be confirmed by mail after the arrival of all required materials and information.
4.6 - The submitter of the films must pay for all the shipping costs.
4.7 - The entry of a film or a video implies acceptance of the terms of these regulations. 
4.8 - Other issues will be decided by the MUMIA’s organization committee. 

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translation: Claudia Nunes