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10th MUMIA - Special Screening - Doncvoilá - France

Doncvoilà productions is a production company and a creative studio, managed by Virginie Giachino (producer) and Joris Clerté (director).

Since 2005, doncvoilà productions has produced animated films : shorts films, promotional and educational films and series, broadcast/film design.

Program :

Les experts de l’archéologie : le tracéologue - Joris Clerté, Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet and Marc Chevalier - 01’47  - 2010
"In short entertaining animation movies, archeology experts will have you understand how scientists conjecture reality from elements that the inexperienced eye would consider meaningless or undecipherable.  The use-wear analyst… His speciality is understanding the marks from use on prehistoric tools and then telling stories about them… authentic stories…


Une petite histoire du festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy - Joris Clerté - 1’30’’- 2011 

A brief history of the world’s greatest animation film festival !          


A brief history of starlets and the croisette - Joris Clerté - 1’17’’ - 2010                      
One minute to find out everything about starlets, BB, Simone, and all the girls in polka-dot bikinis walking up and down the Croisette hoping for a dream to come true – and a movie role too.  


A tort ou à raison - Joris Clerté & Philippe Massonnet - 02'04 – 2004
Three people talk around a restaurant table.     

Award : Prime à la qualité CNC 2004 / Centre national de la cinématographie 2004 Best Music Video / ‘For its simplicity and delicacy’ Ottawa International Animation Festival / Canada, Prix Adobe de l’originalité 2005 Festival des Très Courts,  2005 Music Video Silver Prize KAFI Kalamazoo International Animation Festival / United States, 2005 Special Distinction of Commissioned Film Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival / South Korea, 2005 Best Promotional/Commercial Film / ‘For it’s originality of idea and realisation’ Bradford Animation Festival / United Kingdom, 2006 Jury award Illes Balears International Short Film Festival, 2006 Jury Award Neuchâteau Animation Short Film Festival / Belgium"


Ce que je suis - Joris Clerté - 04'11 - 2006

The meteorological strolling of a young girl with dark thoughts.       
Awards: "Clipaward / Back up / Weimar, Germany, Best Music Video Award / Animated Film Festival / Neum, Bosnia, Music Video Award / International Animation Festival / Kalamazoo, United States.


C’EST TOUJOURS LA MÊME HISTOIRE - Joris Clerté & Anne Morin - 05' – 2007
Jean-Luc tells us how going to see a special film with his father made them both change one towards the other.


UNE PETITE HISTOIRE DE L’IMAGE ANIMÉE - Joris Clerté - 03'37 – 2007

Discover finally the real story of the animated image ! From Plato's cavern to Harry Potter passing by King Kong, magical special effects to digital VFX, we explain 3 minutes.          
Awards: Diploma for the Best Film in Category Up to 5 Minutes, Balkanima / Belgrade, Serbia, Special Mention, Animacor / Cordoba, Spain, Prix Arte ""128 Meg@ d'Art"" / Villeurbanne, France.


Les grands chevaux - Joris Clerté - 03' – 2009

A young boy riding an imaginary creature pursues a bandit on horseback to exact mysterious revenge.          


Diversité culturelle - Olivier Martin - 02’35 – 2011

To protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions.           


Droit de suite - Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet - 03’ – 2011

"The art market is doing very nicely at the moment – and yet the artist’s resale right is under threat! But what exactly is the artist’s resale right? To illustrate what is at stake we will see that Mr Art Dealer finds sharing hard and the Artist needs continuous protection to be able to… create art!
Award : Animated Com Awward / Stuttgart, Allemagne


ECOFAUBOURGS - Pierre Emmanuel Lyet - 02’07’’ - 2012            

Tom decided to move to an ""Ecofaubourg"". He introduces us to a neighbourhood  that offers a completely new kind of lifestyle! Comfortable and environmentally friendly... and right in the centre of town!'        


Semaine sans pesticides - Joris Clerté, Joyce Colson & Olivier Martin -  01'15 – 2009

A winged pesticide spray swoops down on a bug coveting an apple. 


PETIT BATEAU Du fil au t-shirt - Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet - 02’ 10 – 2012

From cotton thread to t-shirt, the different stages of a t-shirt Petit Bateau.  


QU’EST CE QU’UN TROU NOIR ? - Marc Chevalier - 04’41 – 2009
For anyone who’s ever wanted to know all there is to know about black holes without ever daring to ask...           



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