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Camera-etc (formerly known as Caméra Enfants Admis)

Animated films by children, teenagers and adults - Authors production


Animation Studio

Camera-etc is a animation workshop based in Liège. Founded in 1979 under the name Caméra Enfants Admis, the association contributes to the emergence of cinematographic expression in the French-speaking community of Belgium by encouraging the production of children's, young authors' and adults' first works.


Audiovisual literacy                

Through its training courses, workshops, school projects, evening lessons, professional training, Camera-etc invites individuals to be more critical of audiovisual products. The participants, with the help of professionals, create an animated film from A to Z, thus improving their understanding of how the media work.

Awareness-raising tools

The productions of Camera-etc invite the viewer to think about current issues, thereby encouraging people to take on their responsibilities as citizens. The animated films, the documentaries, the exhibitions, the books and the educational guides serve as awareness-raising tools for diverse themes: Intercultural dialogue, Health, Environment, Children’s Rights...

Collective creation and arthouse films

Each person participates in all the stages of creation, from the script writing to the filming and the soundtrack, not forgetting the backgrounds and the characters. Camera-etc favours traditional techniques such as drawing, cut-out paper, modelling clay, puppets, sand, shadowgraphs... The workshop also produces the works of young authors.

Around the world

Camera-etc ensures that its works are known on the international level: participation in international festivals, television broadcasts, presentation during conferences... The workshop initiates cooperation and development projects with southern countries. Youngsters have created their own animated films during workshops in Vietnam, Bosnia, Serbia, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan, Burkina Faso. Camera-etc is a member of the CIFEJ and of the ASIFA Workshop Group.

Camera-etc is a non-profit association that is recognized as a Production Workshop and a Centre of Expression and Creativity by the French-speaking community of Belgium. The association also has the support of the Walloon Region, the Province of Liège, the City of Liège and the bank Triodos. 


Rue de Visé 490 - 4020 Liège-Wandre - Belgium
Tel.: 0032 4 253 59 97 / Fax: 0032 4 252 56 31

La vie de Poxy / Poxy’s Life - Louise-Marie Colon & Benjamin Vinck – 6’09”
The mom of Poxy is so poor that she’s forced to confide the little girl to her aunt. The new life of the small dog is rough: she doesn’t go any more to the school and her aunt treats her as a slave …

Awards: Caméras aux Jeunes 2011 (Belgium) - Prix du Meilleur Scénario; Festival Etang d’Arts 2011 (France)- Coup de Cœur du Public; AniFestRozafa 2011 (Albania)- Special Prize; Kid’s Eye Film Festival 2011 (Hungary) - Jury’s Prize

Moussa - Mathieu Brisebras & François d’Assise Ouédraogo – 5’17
Two children born in different ethnic groups discover habits and customs of the other one and become friends …

Prêmio/ Award: AniFestRozafa 2011 (Albania) => Special Prize  

Fatimata -  Benjamin Vinck & Moumouni Jupiter Sodré – 5’17”
The parents of Fatimata announce great news to their daughter: they are going to settle down in Canada. Fatimata is sad to leave her best friend …

Awards: Young Filmmaker International Festival 2011 (Brazil) - Special Prize, AniFestRozafa 2011 (Albania) - Special Prize.

Lorita - Louise-Marie Colon & Arzouma Mahamadou Dieni – 5’02
Lorita comes back from a long stay in Occident. In the village, the children find her different and refuse to play with her …
Award: AniFestRozafa 2011 (Albania) - Special Prize.

Ad Vitam - Mathieu Labaye – 8’36”
An old lady is frightened of losing her husband …


Cleo’s Boogie - collectif Camera-etc – 6’21”
 Two old friends, living with their cat in a faded apartment, relive the percussive and furious atmosphere of the Boogie-woogie of their youth. At that time, they accompanied a sensual singer of whom there is no more than an image on an old poster … Unless the black cat is her reincarnation?

Award: Prize « Simona Gesmundo » for Animated Short Film 2011 (Italy) -  First Prize

Contretemps - Delphine Hermans – 6’
By a sunny afternoon. A musician drops his double-bass to undress and bathe in the river. A little farther, a woman removes her dress and dives into the water. An individual seizes discreetly their clothes. The musician and the swimmer meet, naked and shy. Whereas he searches for foliage, she takes the place of the double bass in the case … The story is freely inspired by the novel Romance with Double-Bass by Anton Chekhov



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