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10 MUMIA - Special Screening - Cineclube de Avanca - Portugal

The Cine Club Avanca is a nonprofit association dedicated to the promotion and production of culture by the media, based in Avanca.

Filmógrafo - Rua Prof. Dr. Egas Moniz, nº 159, 3860-078 Avanca, Portugal


Conto do Vento  (Tale of the Wind )– Cláudio Jordão e Nelson Martins – 12’- 2010

Salva had the gift of feeling the life of nature traveling through his body. He lived in the forest across the river with Abia, his mother, and he was happy, until the day that his life changed. The men and women of the village made her watch the burning of her mother that had been accused of Witchcraft. Years later the fear that the villagers had of her mother is the same that move them against her. 

Awards: Prémio Competição AVANCA e Menção Honrosa | AVANCA’2010, Portugal;  Prémio Revelação | Festival « XVII Caminhos do Cinema Português » Coimbra, Portugal, 2010; Prémio Melhor Filme de Animação | PORTO7 International Short Film Festival, Portugal, 2011; Prémio Animação | Prémio Nacional Multimédia, Lisboa, Portugal, 2011; Premio Melhor Animação | Naoussa International Film Festival, Grecia, 2011; Prémio Melhor Curta de terror Portuguesa | MOTEL X, Lisbon - Portugal, 2011; Ibero-American Best Short film | 5th Festival “Visões Periféricas”, Brasil, 2011; Prémio Melhor Curta | Bragacine International Film Festival, Portugal, 2011; 2nd Animated Cartoon Award | 12th TOTI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL (Maribor), Slovenia, 2011; 2nd Prize, Short Film Category | III Festival de Cinema Digital de Odemira, Portugal, 2011; Animation Prize | Tirana International Film Festival, Albania, 2011; CinEuphoria Top Curtas-Metragens (Cinema Português), CinEuphoria Top 10 (Cinema Português) e CinEuphoria | Cineuphoria Awards 2012 – Portugal; Second Best Special Effects/Animation’ | 4th UFO International Digital Film Festival 2012 -India."

A ria, a agua, o homem... (The estuary, the water, the man… )– Manuel Matos Barbosa – 5’- 2010

The black and white draw the three elements, animating ordinary things in a poetic sense of the image.

Awards: Prémio melhor documentário | Arouca Film Festival, Portugal, 2010; Premio Categoria Prata | TourFilm Brasil 2011, Florianópolis- Brasil; Menção Honrosa | PORTO7 International Short Film Festival, Portugal, 2011; 2º Prémio de animação | Bridge Fest Cooltura – Bósnia e Herzegovina, 2011; Diploma Especial do Júri |12th TOTI International Festival, Slovenia, 2011; 1º Prémio de animação | 7th Athens AnimFest – Grécia, 2012;

O relogio de Tomas - Cláudio Sá – 8’- 2010

Time does not turn back, and way back then are the moments which we do not appreciate. With the arrival of a magical clock, Tomás is going to have the privilege “of managing the time”. Or will it teach him how to live?

Awards: Prémio 1º Lugar | Festival de Cinema Independente ON’CINE, Portugal, 2010; Prémio Toma Lá Curtas | Toma lá Arte, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, 2010; Prémio Menção Honrosa | Brevemente Concurso de Audiovisual e Publicidade, Portugal, 2011; 1º Prémio | VIDEO FESTIVAL IMPERIA, Italy, 2012.

Mulher sombra (Shade Woman )– Joana Imaginário - 7‘ 39’’ – 2011

SHADE WOMAN is the story of a woman bewitched by the wind -- "from now on everything will enchant you (...) and you will be a prisoner of the permanent movement." By walking far, the woman started to disappear and only her shade was left of.

Awards: Premio Competição AVANCA e Prémio Menção Especial (Prémio Estreia Mundial) | AVANCA 2011 – Encontros Internacionais de Cinema, TV, Vídeo e Multimédia – Portugal, 2011; Prémio Animação | XVIII Festival “Caminhos do Cinema Português”, Coimbra – Portugal, 2011.

Bruxas (Witches )– Francisco Lança – 9’43’’ – 2011

A young man is fascinated by the stories told by an old sailorman at the wharf of Lisbon and decides to board, secretly, a caravel that was on the way to Africa.

Brincarolas– Graça Gomes – 3’ – 2011

The story development  is given by the discovery of toys, other game rules, discovery of being with other people and  forming a team that they will allow them to surpass the existing limitations to be able to continue the game and the trick. With a duration time of three minutes per episode, that is enough to tell a simple and objective story, which starts from the game and ends in the game.

Schlager– Xavier Almeida -  5’- 2011

A person's emotional and transversal journey between childhood and maturity, innocence and conscience, harmony and violence.

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