sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2009

7th MUMIA - International Worldwide Animation Festival


7 are the Deadly Sins, 7 are the Divinities, 7 were the White Snow’s Dwarfs, 7 days were needed for the creation of the World, 7 are the Days of the Week, 7 Musical Notes, 7 Sacred Planets, 7 shall be the Apocalypse’s Trumpets, 7 are the “Umbanda’s Orixás” (Spirits of an Afro-Brazilian Religion), 7 were the Wonders of the Ancient World and the Wonders of the Modern World, 7 Arts, 7 Sacred Stars, the Constellations of 7 Stars, 7 colors refracted by the Prism, 7 Evolution Levels, 7 are the Etheric Chakras, 7 are the Plexus on Matter, 7 are world’s regions of Desire and the 7 world’s regions of Thought and so 7 are Seas, 7 Human Virtues, 7 Sacraments, 7 Books of the Old Testament. Number 7 is cabalistic in “Umbanda”.

According to Mahatma Gandhi, the 7 Social Sins are: 1. politics without principles;
2. wealth without work; 3. pleasure without consciousness; 4. knowledge without character; 5. commerce without morality; 6. science without humanity; 7. devotion without sacrifice.

And finally, because of the resistance of this filmmaker, MUMIA makes the words of the Russian revolutionary Dziga Vertov as his own, taking as a watchword a part of his manifest written in 1923: “A friendly warning: Don’t hide your heads like ostriches. Raise your eyes. Look around you – There! It’s as obvious to me as to any child. The innards, the guts of strong sensations, are tumbling out of cinema’s belly”.

Seven thousand times we swore that Vertov pointed to the clandestine freedom within the animation films presented this year. Seven thousand and one times, we enshrined the master and referred his films to our humble followers. Watch Vertov, be Vertov, kill Vertov. This is the only way to avoid the mummification of our cinema – these are the words of the MUMIA, who screens everything, discloses everything, but shouts that few are the chosen.

This year, MUMIA will show 207 films from 27 countries besides Brazil: United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, United States, China, Argentine, Latvia, Holland, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland, Portugal, France, Poland, Chile, Italy, Slovak, Spain, Japan, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada and Bolivia.

The so acclaimed crisis is financial and not of thoughts. Because the Underground exists, persists and resists. Already Dziga Vertov.

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