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Ayar Blasco is the creator of Mercano el Marciano with Juan Antin, an animated series of Much Music. He also created stories for Comics underground fanzines such as Catzole, Ocean and Charquito.

Author of the comics “The naughty child”, that originated “The naughties", produced by the same production house of the movie "Mercano el Marciano", selected in the Berlin Film Festival and winner of the Audience Award in the Festival of Sitges (Spain) and the Special Jury Prize in the Festival of Annecy (France).

After that, he made another film, "El Sol", in Adobe Flash, which will be released commercially this year and has already started its exhibitions in international festivals such as: Rotterdam Film Festival (Netherlands), Bafici - Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and festivals in Poland, Italy, Korea, Denmark, Havana (Cuba) and others. (More informations: www.peliculaelsol.com.ar).

Currently making animation films of dark humor and absurdity in www.chimiboga.com, he writes reviews of cartoons in the blog of the Fierro magazine, where he also publishes his stories.


La apresentacion en estilo mantra monge / The presentation style mantra monk.
- Coelho BGS / Bugs Bunny
- Las ensenanzas de Juan Perez / The teachings of John Perez
- Banco (perro) / Bank [dog]
- CNN (presidente dos EUA/arabes/ataques) / CNN (U.S. President / Arab / attacks)
- La fabula del raton y do pescadito / The fable of the mouse and fish /
- La fabula del raton y do pescadito 2 / The fable of the mouse and fish - Part 2
- El pescadito denle al ratoncito nomas / The goldfish Denle the mouse Nomas
- Cuents / Shootings
- Ya vayanse todos a sus casa / They all go to their homes
- Santa Claus
- El perrito chiquito / The puppy
- Exposiçao de arte / Art Exhibition
- Terapia Del grupo Del Dr Buckay / Group therapy of Dr. Buckay
- El planeta terrible / The terrible planet
- Fumar droga em los parques/ Smoking drug in parks

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