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Max Hattler

German experimental animator and media artist Max Hattler studied at Goldsmiths and
the Royal College of Art in London. He has had solo exhibitions at Lumen Eclipse,
Media Art Friesland and Someonesgarden Tokyo, and retrospectives at Fredrikstad
Animation Festival and Branchage Jersey Film Festival. Max Hattler’s films screened
at hundreds of festivals and won awards at the London International Animation
Festival, Videofestival Bochum, Videologia, Darklight and 700IS, among others.
His films have been included in the touring programmes of the European Media Art
Festival, Videoformes, onedotzero, Resfest, The Animation Show, L’Alternativa,
Animac, AURORA, and the British Animation Awards. Max has made music videos
and tour visuals for several bands including Basement Jaxx and The Egg, and he
has performed live audio-visuals across Europe, the Americas and Japan, including
Cimatics, Filmfest Dresden, SuperDeluxe Tokyo, The Big Chill, Curtas Vila do Conde,
and London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts. Max lives and works in London and
Germany. He teaches at Goldsmiths College and at the University of East London and
is currently doing a Professional Doctorate in Fine Art. For more information please see

“I am interested in the space between abstraction and figuration, where storytelling is freed from the constraints of traditional narrative. My work contemplates microcosms, moments, atmospheres: Close-ups as reflections on the big picture. While my films tend to be without dialogue, they explore the relationship between sound, music and the moving image.”

One of “three of the world’s most exciting young animators” (Dazed and Confused)
One of "Europe's most hotly tipped visual artists" (Metropolis Magazine, Japan)
“Max Hattler is one of my favourite experimental animators” (Directors Notes)
“his personal work is a revelation” (Institute of Contemporary Art, London)
“Current hot potatoe” (Time Out London)
“absorbing and metaphorical visual musings” (Dazed Digital)
“made important contributions to the development of the field of animation” (Camille
Selvon Abrahams, Animae Caribe Festival Director)
“Max is definitely one of the most original, startling animators around with
range of projects, commercial and high art” (Ian Lumsden,
“With a style that blends clever use of audio with simple and metaphorically laden
visuals, his work really just rocks” (Run-Riot)
"... animator Max Hattler ... uses objects, cameras and computers to drag you into
another dimension through shape, colour, movement, sound, politics, pop culture, off-
key on-point observation and kaleidoscopic geometry. His live AV sets are good too."
Carla MacKinnon, Hot 110

Alpraum (UK 2001, 5:00, sound: Alex Marten)
Everything Turns (UK 2004, 1:15, sound: Max Hattler)
Nachtmaschine (director’s cut, UK 2005, 2:30, music: Hellmut Hattler)
Collision (UK 2005, 2:30, sound: Max Hattler)
Striper v0.1 (UK 2006, 0:30, sound: Pablo Gav)
Mount Allen (UK/D 2007, 3:40, music: Economy Wolf)
Drift (UK/D 2007, 3:33, music: Mark Bowden)
Aanaatt (UK/D/JP 2008, 4:45, music: Jemapur)
Where's Your Head At (UK/D 2009, 6:00, music: Basement Jaxx)
1923 aka Heaven (DK/UK/D 2010, 1:50 loop, sound: Blak
1925 aka Hell (DK/UK/D 2010, 1:35 loop, sound: Adrian Dexter)
Spin (FR/UK/D 2010, 3:55, sound/music: Eclectic)

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